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inspection services

Targeting asset, equipment & supply chain risk

We support your compliance journey and transition to cleaner energy, helping you minimise risk and build confidence in your equipment and supply chain - for a safe and sustainable future.

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Reduce risk, ensure quality and meet regulatory requirements with LRQA.

Operating in today's global marketplace has never been more challenging. Customers demand safe and sustainable products, governments and regulators are introducing new legislation, and supply chains are expanding in size and complexity. Added to that, momentum is shifting to new, cleaner energy sources that support ESG (environment, social, governance) ambitions, but require long term, specialist transition projects.

We have a range of inspection services against international codes, standards and training courses that are designed to help you minimise the risk that comes with competing in today’s global marketplace and ensure you meet both customer standards and industry and government regulations.

Our inspectors and trainers are industry experts who work with you to understand your business while staying in tune with the wider inspection industry. We offer you our commitment to inspection excellence, which means protecting your assets and your brand reputation as if they were our own.


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Find out more about our range of Inspection Services

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