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Inspection services

We support your compliance journey and transition to cleaner energy, helping you minimise risk and build confidence in your equipment and supply chain.

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Reduce risk, ensure quality and meet regulatory requirements with LRQA

We deliver product, system and process certification to help you meet regulations and codes whether it’s the challenges of an entirely new project or in-service support for existing facilities. Our technical advisory service brings our team’s industry-leading experience to bear in helping clients perform to their true potential within new and emerging environments. We offer independent site inspection and assessments with a particular focus on the ability of vendors to deliver. And we’re supporting clients in the transition to cleaner energy, using our expertise in hydrogen, nuclear, wind, solar and renewables to help them get the right support to be part of the new energy economy.

Our inspectors and trainers are industry experts who work with you to understand your business while staying in tune with the wider industry. We offer you our commitment to inspection excellence, which means protecting your assets and your brand reputation as if they were our own.

Our range of Inspection Services

We deliver best-in-class inspection services against international codes, standards, and client specifications to protect the quality and integrity of high-value, safety-critical assets. We empower you with the knowledge required to mitigate the risks you face and safeguard against costly delays, critical failures, and other threats to your business. Our teams help you manage your risk profile so you can work in safer and more sustainable ways and be ready for future challenges.

  • Product, system and process certification

    Demonstrate your commitment to quality and safety in line with global and regional requirements.

  • Technical advisory services

    Leverage our expertise and specialist knowledge to ensure your projects deliver.

  • Supply chain services

    Build confidence in the integrity of your supply chain, with vendor audits and site inspections tailored to your needs.

  • Energy transition services

    Comprehensive risk management throughout every phase of your facility’s lifecycle.

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