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Showcase your commitment to corporate sustainability.

Corporate Report Verification helps your organisation illustrate the impact of corporate sustainability initiatives in a clear, transparent and accessible way.

Corporate Report Verification

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Corporate Report Verification helps public and private companies of all sizes report on non-financial performance.

The structured process validates the positive impact of environmental, societal and sustainability initiatives; elements that underpin the figures on your balance sheet as much as strengthen your organisation’s reputation.

How performance is communicated is important, especially with investment community interest in non-financial operating accounts. Companies continue to acknowledge the role of social, economic and environmental factors in the overall success of your business, meaning growth in triple-bottom-line reporting.

Benefits of Corporate Report Verification

Stakeholder confidence

Comprehensive reporting helps businesses align with industry best practice to increase both stakeholder and investor confidence. 

Minimise risk

Independent report verification increases confidence in legal compliance and helps minimise operational risks.

Continual improvement

Industry benchmarking drives ongoing improvement, enabling better allocation of resources and reduced operational costs.


Need help with Corporate Report Verification?

LRQA’s (LRQA) Corporate Report Verification services help guarantee that the data systems on which your reports rely are robust and reliable, while your reporting contains all necessary detail.

LRQA can customise the verification process to meet your organisational requirements, validating your reports against the relevant criteria including the AA1000 Assurance Standard and the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (GRI).

Why work with us?

Technical expertise -Our people are experts in their field and bring with them a clear understanding of your sustainability requirements and challenges. They’ll deploy their deep knowledge of certification, brand assurance and verification to help you demonstrate your commitment to a more sustainable future.

Global capability – Operating in more than 120 countries, recognised by over 30 accreditation bodies worldwide and covering almost every sector, we can help you manage risk, drive improvement and build credibility with stakeholders around the globe.
We are recognised by over 30 accreditation bodies globally and operate in more than 120 countries. As one of the longest-standing greenhouse gas (GHG) verification providers, we deliver services against international standards and schemes, such as EU ETS, AA1000 and ISO 14064 .

Strategic vision – Our sector expertise, innovative, forward-thinking approach and technical know-how will help you meet the challenges of today – and become a safer, more secure and more sustainable organisation tomorrow.


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