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Welder and welding operator qualification services

Independent witnessing that confirms welder competency

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Meet welding industry and regulatory standards

Welder and welding operator qualification tests help ensure that your welders meet the required industry and regulatory standards. Using verbal and written exams either at your facilities or the welding school, confirm your welder’s ability to make welds that meet national and international requirements.

Wherever you are in the world, our team of experienced inspectors are available to witness your welder tests in accordance with:

  • EN ISO 9606
  • EN 287
  • ISO 14732
  • AWS
  • Others as agreed

Your one stop solution

It can be complicated to coordinate multiple organisations for your welding certifications. That’s why LRQA has developed a one-stop fixed fee service in collaboration with WQiC to support you through the entire weld certification process.

Welding services

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Our materials & welding services

Our team of experts can bring you the assurance you need, from inspecting the steel to qualifying the welders. We can help make sure your materials are safe and the correct procedures are being implemented.

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Globally recognised accreditations

LRQA holds a range of accreditations that enable the delivery of services to the materials and welding industry, in line with global and national schemes, codes, standards and regulations including ASME, Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR) and ISO 3834 (welding).

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Compliance & certification services

From EU Directives and National Regulations to international codes and standards – LRQA offers a wide range of services that support your compliance journey.

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Supply chain assurance

We can work closely with you to provide services across your supply chain, helping you maintain quality, compliance, and integrity at every stage.

Why work with us?

Global reach, local insight

LRQA offers specialist inspection and assurance services in over 80 countries, helping clients in every sector – including materials and welding - anticipate, mitigate and manage risk. Our team of over 1,500 inspection experts utilises extensive local sector knowledge to help thousands of clients safely and sustainably establish best practices.

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Consistent approach

We work side-by-side with you, listening first to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business including its risks, challenges, and welding needs. Using our broad expertise across specialisms and industries, we’ll help you identify areas that need improvement before creating solutions that will support your business. Our continued support helps ensure that your suppliers, equipment, processes, and projects perform in line with expectations and comply with relevant laws, regulations, and best practices.

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Flexible delivery

In many cases, our services can be delivered on-site or remotely using safe and secure technology. If you opt for our remote delivery methods, you’ll receive the same high-quality service with several added benefits, including flexibility, fast delivery and access to global expertise.

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Total assurance

We’ve led the way in shaping our industry and continue to expand our services and expertise by collaborating with clients, acquiring businesses, and forming new partnerships. The result is a unique and connected portfolio of services – including welding - that can help you ensure complete cyber resilience and product integrity, assure your assets and management systems, navigate the energy transition, and source responsibly.

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Welding Certification Guide

Welding certification is critical if you're going to produce safety-critical assets that meet regulatory codes and standards. But what are the routes to certification? Find out in this free download from LRQA.

Welding Certification Guide
Welding certification guide image