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Climate disclosure services

Partnering with you to develop a successful climate strategy

Communicate climate-related performance

Communicating climate-related performance to key stakeholders while meeting regulatory requirements

Companies are facing heightened scrutiny for their climate-related performance, with non-financial information gaining prominence alongside financial metrics. Key global economies, including the US, EU, UK, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand, India, and Japan, are leading initiatives to mandate corporate climate strategies, emissions targets, and decarbonisation roadmaps. This reflects a growing emphasis on aligning business practices with global climate goals. Hence, establishing a credible climate-related disclosure is crucial for legal compliance and building trust with stakeholders like customers and investors.

The LRQA Climate-related Disclosure Services benchmark current climate reporting practices against both external competitors and internal requirements, including policy regulations and industry standards. Our comprehensive support extends throughout the reporting process, culminating in the publication of a robust report. This service excels in ensuring that priorities are strategically set, actionable goals, and KPIs are crafted with precision, encompassing content that not only reflects accurate data but is also clearly communicated to investors. The result is a disclosure that stands ready for assurance, reinforcing the commitment to transparency and excellence in climate-related reporting. 

We provide climate information that meets the expectations of our clients' stakeholders. Delivering transparent insights into the risks and opportunities associated with climate change. Furthermore, our services seamlessly support our clients in meeting transparency requirements, including climate-related responsible sourcing and emissions reporting, ensuring a credible approach to disclosure that resonates with stakeholders. 

Climate disclosure approach

Our climate disclosure services are customised to each client’s starting point and requirements, including developing a concept for standalone reports on climate resilience and integrated reporting. Leveraging our long-standing expertise and global coverage, we define and create climate disclosure content, ensuring compliance with external standards and regulations worldwide. LRQA assists companies in identifying potential risks and opportunities related to climate change, enabling informed decision-making for both organisations and stakeholders. Our commitment extends to ensuring that the disclosure aligns with current best practices, standards, and regulations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas

Policy mapping and stakeholder requirements

We tailor key policy requirements based on regional specifics. Structuring reports along GHG inventory and climate frameworks. Reports defined to align with identified requirements.

Data and analytical analysis

  • Strategic system definition.
  • Holistic data collection templates.
  • Data management system set up
  • Guided data collection coaching.
  • Rigorous data plausibility checks.
  • In depth climate analysis.

Report preparation

Drafting content and reviewing drafted reports or sections.

Compliance and standards

Alignment with standards and regulations (e.g. CSRD, GRI, TCFD, CDP, IFRS).
Verification using external assurance certification, or improved climate transparency.
Optional Report assurance.


Why partner with us?

We provide deep expertise in supply chain due diligence regulations, international best practice, a thorough understanding of risk exposure and risk management, and insights into industry practices and investor expectations to every project.

Aligned with evolving requirements

We regularly update our methodology regularly align with legislation and industry standards.

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Tested and refined

Our methodology has been applied over decades with hundreds of companies and across many sectors around the world.

Based on end-to-end expertise

Our evaluation is derived from decades of experience, assessing current states and designing and implementing long term programmes.

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We speak your language

We provide pragmatic, sensible, and resource-effective solutions and recommendations that can be both implemented and scaled.

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We are efficient and action orientated

We know what to look for, delivering you and your teams the insight required quickly and efficiently.

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