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"As country manager, I actively contribute to the well-being of my team and shape the way for our future experts.​

Inspection is very large and interesting sector where responsiveness,  expertise and customer focus are the keys to success, with many challenges which allow us to continue building the future of LRQA."

Mathieu Carré, Country Operation Manager and Authorised Inspector Supervisor, France 

We deliver best-in-class inspection services against international codes, standards, and client specifications to protect the quality and integrity of high-value, safety-critical assets. We empower our clients with the knowledge required to mitigate the risks they face and safeguard against costly delays, critical failures, and other threats to their business.

Our world-class experts offer quality services in a broad range of sectors, including:​

  • Construction and manufacturing
  • Chemical and processing
  • Energy and renewables​
  • Transportation and mobility​

​We offer opportunities for development, enabling our Inspection Services colleagues to select the career pathway aligned to their aspirations, including broadening the services they are qualified in, deepening their understanding of their specialism, developing into leadership or becoming quality experts. ​

We support external professional development, such as ASME. For those willing to develop further they can become Supervisors, or Nuclear Authorized Inspectors.


Core roles

Surveyors and Inspectors

Our Surveyors and Inspectors are responsible for assessing, examining, and ensuring that various products, processes, or systems comply with specified standards and regulations. Their expertise is highly valued by our clients. Their role is crucial in maintaining safety, quality, and regulatory compliance across different industries.   Our Surveyors and Inspectors are part of a team, but work with lots of autonomy, they spend most of their time at clients' sites; helping them maintain quality and conformity of their critical products. Their missions are extremely varied both in terms of clients and projects; they may spend their Monday on material inspection, Tuesday on a pressure vessel construction, and the rest of the week on a major component for an offshore wind project.

Design Appraisal Inspectors​

LRQA Design Appraisal Inspectors are responsible for evaluating and verifying that the design of equipment, structures, or systems complies with applicable standards, codes, and client specifications. This role is crucial in ensuring that the design phase of a project meets all necessary safety, quality, and regulatory requirements before construction or manufacturing begins. Although mostly office based, Design Appraisal Inspectors may visit Client's design offices or meet with project managers to accelerate the route to conformity or efficiently help with project kick-offs. As with our field surveyors, they can be involved on a variety of equipment or projects; such as pressure vessels and systems, structures, type approval and more. They can also be involved and add value in energy transition projects; including Hydrogen or renewables.​

Technical and Quality ​

To support our network of inspectors, surveyors and design appraisal colleagues, our Technical and Quality colleagues help LRQA to maintain its license to operate.  They possess deep technical knowledge on one or more of our products/services such as PED, NDT, Intermodal, and more. They use this knowledge to support our field staff to deliver high quality services to our clients.  We also have regional Technical Quality Specialists who support our field staff across the region with any technical questions/interpretations they may have, to ensure we deliver high quality services to our clients.  They will also liaise with the accreditation bodies, ensuring that our internal and external audits run smoothly, and that any non-conformities are reported, and addressed swiftly.​

ASME Authorized Inspectors​

An ASME Authorized Inspector (AI) is a professional accredited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to ensure compliance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC). The BPVC sets the safety and design standards for boilers, pressure vessels, and related equipment.​

AIs play a critical role in the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of pressure-related systems, where their primary responsibilities include inspecting and verifying that components and systems meet all code requirements. This involves reviewing design specifications, conducting on-site inspections during fabrication and assembly, overseeing testing processes, and verifying the quality and safety of the equipment.​

Service Delivery Manager​

Our Service Delivery Managers play a pivotal role in ensuring that inspection services are delivered efficiently, meet client expectations, and adhere to regulatory standards or contracts specifications. They prepare and deliver budgets and business plans for their areas of responsibilities. These managers act as a bridge between clients, support services and the inspection team, managing operational processes and ensuring that service delivery aligns with contractual obligations and company standards.  ​

As leaders, they also build and develop their teams, and implement changes for continuous improvement. They work regularly with their peers to assure cooperation across countries or services and optimise resources and expertise.​

Client support

These colleagues are the ambassadors  to our clients, they are on the front-line providing information that our clients need to know about our business, coordinate with client and Inspectors to perform the service and deal with any pre care/aftercare requirements. Particularly important in these dynamic times when requirements can change very quickly, Client Support ensures that service delivery will be met in the highest professional standard. They are also the conduit to the back-office functions.​

Global Services teams

This team are the back-office processing unit to ensure all jobs are processed to the ERP system in a timely and accurate manner ensuring the final part of the business engagement with client of invoicing and payments from the client are completed. The World-Wide-Inspection team is the other arm in Global Services function.  The Inspection coordinators resource and manage a pool of sub-contractors to provide services to clients where needed to provide global coverage, also to mobilise for major projects where a number of inspectors are required.​

We also have opportunities for contractors. Visit our Contractor’s page for more information

Contractor roles

What our people say

"I am responsible for sales and operations management, with a focus on overseeing the value process. My goal is to drive market-leading growth through key account management for clients who are market leaders. I offer value by providing technical support to meet compliance requirements and ensure supply chain integrity in an ever-changing environment." 

Yoshimura Masahiko, ​Team Leader, Japan

"In my role as a Service Delivery Team Leader, I am entrusted with leading and supporting a team of experienced inspectors to effectively work through LRQA evolution, thereby actualising our strategic vision and values within a constructive and positive work environment.​ With an important focus on our clients, each day presents new challenges, approaching different situations open-minded and creative to deliver solutions that foster client loyalty and trust."​

Cristel López, Center-South & Mediterranean District Manager, Spain​


"As Hydrogen Subject Matter Expert, I work with global sales and service delivery teams to ensure LRQA technical expertise and strategy are adapting to ever-changing industry needs and helping to safely achieve net zero targets. LRQA has given me the opportunity to use my chemical engineering background in a number of sales and technical roles across several countries, providing a platform for growth."

Leanne Halliday MIChemE​, Territory Manager - Oceania, Global SME Hydrogen, New Zealand