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Technical advisory services

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LRQA will help you perform to your true potential

Our technical advisory services are designed to help you perform to your true potential. We provide specialist industry knowledge and experience that ensures your major projects are executed effectively and achieve the desired outcomes. As your trusted partner, we work alongside you, providing tailored solutions that help you navigate the safety, quality, environmental, and sustainability challenges associated with your products, processes, projects and supply chain.

Our technical advisory services

Businesses of all sizes rely on LRQA, and we’ve supported thousands of projects from design to delivery. Our solutions are wide-ranging depending on your requirements, for example, we can provide a detailed overview of the regulations and standards that your products and installations need to comply with, we can protect your interests by identifying and preventing quality and safety issues, and we can also help you establish customised training programmes. We shape these services around your unique goals, supporting your journey towards operational excellence.

Regulation research and advisory

Get real and timely insights about your suppliers to ensure they’re delivering on commitments.

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Owner’s engineer advisory

Protect your interests with independent project management and expert support.

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Customised training


Build a training programme shaped to fit your unique requirements.

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Additive manufacturing


Ensure the quality and safety of your facilities, parts and materials.

Why work with us?

Global reach, local insight

LRQA offers specialist inspection and assurance services in over 80 countries. Whatever your sector, we can help you anticipate, mitigate and manage risk. Our team of over 1,000 inspection experts use extensive local sector knowledge to help thousands of clients safely and sustainably establish best practices.

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Consistent approach

We work side-by-side with you, listening first to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business including its risks, challenges, and project requirements. Using our broad expertise, we’ll help you identify areas that need improvement before creating solutions that will support your business and optimise your operations.

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Flexible delivery

In most cases, we can deliver our technical advisory services on-site or remotely, using safe and secure technology. If you opt for our remote delivery methods, you’ll receive the same high-quality service with the added benefit of flexibility, fast delivery, and access to global expertise.

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From small manufacturers to world-leading brands

We have a long history of delivering tailored inspection and technical advisory services to businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. Our inspectors, specialists and project managers are internationally certified with extensive sector-specific experience, so you can be confident that we will offer real, actionable insights that drive growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is regulation research and advisory?

Our regulation research and advisory service provides a comprehensive overview of the regulations and standards that your industrial products and installations need to comply with. We tailor this guidance to the country where you want to market your products or build industrial facilities. We can also design and deliver customised reporting and training around key regulations and standards such as ASME and PED. Additionally, we can also support with technical document review and license applications for specific regulatory processes - allowing you to sell to new markets with confidence.

What is owner’s engineer advisory?

Our owner’s engineer advisory service focuses on identifying and preventing quality and safety issues – protecting your interests. We integrate and optimise various project controls risk management activities – which are often disconnected – to ensure that the project achieves best practice quality, safety and environmental performance.

Our approach is tailored to your requirements covering various aspects, including quality, safety, environmental impact, regulatory compliance, and reputation management. It is a versatile solution, applicable across all industries, and can be customised to meet specific stakeholder needs, such as those of regulators, financiers, insurers, partners, or environmental groups.

In essence, we meticulously scope, check, and verify to deliver assured engineering outcomes from initial concept selection, project definition and detailed engineering to commissioning and operation. Our experts can also collaborate with client-selected engineering firms and, if necessary, conduct preselection audits to evaluate the suitability of potential consultants.

What is customised training?

Our training experts can work with you to develop a course or programme specific to your requirements, in whichever format or combination that works best for you. We can cover a range of codes, regulations and standards including:

  • ASME VIII Div 1 & 2
  • ASME B31.3
  • PED
  • EN 13445
What are LRQA’s additive manufacturing services?

As the first body in the world to publish certification guidance notes on additive manufacturing, LRQA offers one of the most comprehensive suites of additive manufacturing certification and advisory services, including training courses.



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