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Assess your carbon footprint

Measure your greenhouse gas emissions to manage your carbon footprint

In an ever-changing business landscape, assessing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is now fundamental for corporate responsibility and sustainability. Organisations, acknowledging the need to understand and manage their environmental impact, are increasingly prioritising the evaluation of GHG emissions.

 This commitment extends beyond regulatory compliance, including corporate responsibility, boosting competitiveness, and resonating with employees valuing environmentally conscious workplaces. In essence, assessing and understanding the GHG inventory of a company’s value chain sets the base for developing a successful climate strategy.

GHG inventory approach

Using our experience and expertise, we partner with you to calculate your carbon footprint. With a step-by-step implementation approach, LRQA helps you develop a detailed GHG inventory and to assess your carbon footprint comprehensively. This practical approach gives you a clear picture of different emission levels across your entire business, enabling your organisation to transform intentions into results. Whether you're aiming for achievable emission reduction goals, reaching carbon neutrality (net zero), or adopting a net positive strategy, LRQA is here to help you meet your goals with impact.


  • Alignment with different (voluntary) emissions regulations.
  • Need to reduce GHG emissions.
  • Emissions scope inventory identification.
  • Carbon footprint accounting.


  • Determining and defining operational and organisational boundaries.
    Identification of emission sources and other data requirements for data collection. 
  • Data and analytical support, e.g. additional Scope 3 carbon data collection via ERSA and supported by EiQ. 
  • Calculation of corporate carbon footprint with the help of appropriate emissions factors. 
    Documentation of the GHG inventory.
  • Third-party verification for data accuracy, consistency, and completeness e.g. ISO 14064


  • Corporate GHG inventory/ carbon footprint for Scopes 1, 2, and 3.
  • Identification of hot spots throughout the value chain.
  • GHG data ready for reporting

Carbon data collection

Understanding the GHG emissions in your business and value chain helps pinpoint climate hotspots and areas for emission reduction. Your carbon footprint, encompassing the three GHG Protocol scopes, reveals the annual emissions impact.

  • Scope 1 covers on-site direct emissions from your operations, like production facilities or vehicles.
  • Scope 2 includes purchased energy-related indirect emissions, often seen in electricity consumption.
  • Scope 3 involves indirect emissions across your value chain, covering areas such as purchased goods, business travel, waste management, and product use.

Why partner with us?

LRQA delivers a pragmatic, business-driven approach leveraging a highly effective proprietary tool, global on-the-ground presence, and deep technical expertise. Our solutions enable our clients to take a fully committed path to sustainability that compliments environmental knowledge with comprehensive social expertise.

Proprietary tools

Our proprietary tools are used every day across the world to identify risks and are tailored to the industry and geography.

Based on end-to-end expertise

We have over 20 years’ experience of supporting organisations on their journey to become more environmentally sustainable.

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We speak your language

Our experts are highly versed in global and local regulations, reporting and disclosure requirements, equivalencies and certification standards

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We are efficient and action orientated

We work with you to both develop and implement your strategy.

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