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  • Podcast: World Hydrogen Summit 2024: Reading the room

    Listen to LRQA's latest podcast from the 2024 World Hydrogen Summit, featuring global media outlets including The Australian Financial Review and H2 View.

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  • Podcast: The era of Assurance 4.0

    LRQA’s Chief Commercial Officer, Stuart Kelly, dives into Assurance 4.0, one of the biggest challenges businesses are facing within this new era.

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  • Podcast: ISO management system standards and climate change

    Join Martin Cottam, as we delve into the amendments of familiar ISO standards for climate change and what this means for standards users. Listen here.

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  • Podcast: Lifelong learning at work

    Listen to the final episode of Our Planet, Our Plan, which sees Luis Cunha speak about education as a key pillar of corporate sustainability and wider social mobility.

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  • Podcast: The 'E' in ESG

    Discover the vital role of a 'committed private sector' in achieving global net zero carbon emissions with Marcela Romero Merino in this LRQA podcast episode.

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  • Podcast: Will a net zero future be powered by hydrogen?

    Josh Flanagan is joined by LRQA’s Global Hydrogen Expert, Leanne Halliday, to discuss hydrogen and its role in powering a net zero future. Listen to learn more.

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  • Podcast: Safety – not just the absence of accidents

    Join Erik Mooij in the next Our Planet, Our Plan LRQA podcast episode as he shares his personal experiences of the life-changing impact that workplace safety can have.

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  • Podcast: Why we need to transform corporate volunterring

    Join Ben Western in the fifth Our Planet, Our Plan LRQA podcast episode as he takes a fresh perspective on corporate volunteering by focusing on skill-driven impact.

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  • Podcast: Equity should be an ideal, not an ideology

    Get practical guidance for achieving greater equity in organisations with Lani Hollander in the third episode of LRQA’s Our Planet, Our Plan podcast series.

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  • Podcast: Our Planet, Our Plan - Wilfully inclusive

    Listen to LRQA' s second Our Planet, Our Plan podcast episode which sees Leanne Halliday sharing advice about the challenges and opportunities within inclusivity.

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