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Net zero and climate risk service

Delivering credible emission reduction targets, carbon neutrality and a net positive strategy

Underpinned by robust tools and processes

Ensure your long-term resilience amidst an evolving climate risk landscape

The urgency of the climate crisis and evolving regulatory landscapes is compelling organisations to proactively make commitments, assess their exposure to climate risk, and transparently disclose both physical and transition risks. A growing number of businesses are pledging to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, aligning with the Paris Agreement. 
However, commitments lacking science-based targets and transparent strategies to achieve them are swiftly identified as greenwashing, facing rejection by regulatory bodies. 
Key global economies, including the US, EU, UK, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand, India, and Japan, are leading initiatives to mandate corporate climate strategies, emissions targets, decarbonisation roadmaps, and disclosure of climate-related risks and opportunities.

The LRQA Management Diagnostics process goes beyond compliance assessment, offering comprehensive support for Net Zero and Climate Disclosure against standards like SBTi, TCFD, and CDP. It effectively evaluates climate-related risks to your company, assesses your carbon footprint, and aids in setting science-based emissions reductions. Our approach provides an effective decarbonisation strategy aligned with your goals, delivering tangible results across your entire value chain.

From credible emission reduction targets and carbon neutrality (Net Zero) to a net positive strategy, our engagement supports companies around the globe in achieving their degree of ambition and desired impact, while enabling them to address multiple business challenges.

Climate risks and net zero approach

Underpinned by robust tools and processes, we provide tailored, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to evaluate our clients' resilience and preparedness amidst dynamic climate shifts and evolving regulatory landscapes. 

Acknowledging the significance of addressing climate-related risks across the entire value chain, we offer diverse methodologies to identify gaps and suggest improvements for our clients around the world. 

Our programme evaluation is informed by a variety of inputs to ensure we capture the current state accurately and build internal buy-in along the way.


  • Net zero ambition.
  • GHG Scope Inventory.
  • Climate-related (voluntary) regulatory compliance.
  • Climate risk analysis.
  • Science-based target setting.
  • Climate and emissions-related disclosure.


  • Corporate climate risk exposure.
  • Climate strategy and commitment development.
  • Internal and external climate target-based alignment.
  • Organisational and operational scope emissions mapping and transparency.
  • Stakeholder engagement and continuous tracking of performance.
  • Analysing climate related risks and opportunities.
  • Transparent disclosure and reporting process (e.g., TCFD, CDP).
  • Third party verification. 


  • Crafting a strategic roadmap, our plan integrates short, medium, and long-term action items tailored to the company's climate ambition and regulatory compliance.
  • Integration of climate-related risk into the overall enterprise risk management process
  • Strategies to mitigate climate-related risks.

Why partner with us?

Proprietary tools

Our proprietary tools are used every day across the world to identify risks and are tailored to the industry and geography.

Based on end-to-end expertise

We have over 20 years’ experience of supporting organisations on their journey to become more environmentally sustainable.

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We speak your language

Our experts are highly versed in global and local regulations, reporting and disclosure requirements, equivalencies and certification standards.

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We are efficient and action orientated

We work with you to both develop and implement your strategy.

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