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  • Five reasons why your supply chain may be compromising...

    In a rapidly changing risk landscape, read five reasons why your supply chain might be compromising product integrity.

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  • Reading the room: The future of food according to...

    LRQA joins the 2024 GFSI conference to tackle food sector challenges, highlighting the importance of staying ahead in...

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  • Exploring human rights challenges in the seafood industry: The...

    LRQA explores the role of human rights due diligence in the seafood sector as social risks continue to...

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  • The Forced Labour and Child Labour In Canadian Supply...

    The passage of Canadian law S-211 is a pivotal development. Compliance with S-211, which is mandatory for many...

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  • Food safety trends: small businesses do not mean small...

    Food safety risks associated with small brands. How food safety certification can help small businesses reach their food...

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  • The imperative of human rights due diligence in deforestation

    Forests play a pivotal role in maintaining the ecological balance and sustaining life on our planet. However, in...

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  • COP27 key takeaways for business

    Navigate COP27 takeaways for businesses: combat greenwashing, address deforestation, reallocate investments. Learn actionable steps for sustainable supply chains.

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  • Grievance mechanisms: A core component of human rights due...

    LRQA considers the role of grievance mechanisms the push towards responsible business practices, driven by developments in human...

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  • 2024 guide to supply chain ESG due diligence requirements

    Find out more about LRQA’s latest guide, designed to assist you in navigating the complexities of supply chain...

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  • Buckle up. There's turbulence ahead.

    LRQA’s Kimberly Coffin explores the latest World Economic Forum Risk Report and its implications for the global food...

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