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Assessment Roles


“It's important to consider the mindset of client satisfaction in our industry. Should we aim to accommodate an easy-going approach with clients, or should we challenge their systems and processes? Auditors should have confidence in their audits and assessments, going beyond just issuing certificates and not hesitating to challenge clients, push their limits, and work passionately. Our service is unique, and by positively challenging our clients, they will better understand our value.”

Mostafa Abdulkarem, Senior Auditor, Saudi Arabia

Our Assessment experts partner with clients on every aspect of their supply chain, from regulatory compliance through to end-to-end supply chain risk management. We help our clients build or manage their assurance programmes and management systems wherever they operate, through independent certification and verification.​

Our world-class experts offer quality services in a broad range of sectors, including Automotive, Transportation, Healthcare, Cyber and Food.​

We offer opportunities for development, enabling our Assessment colleagues to select the career pathway aligned to their aspirations, including broadening the products they are qualified in, deepening their understanding of their specialism, developing into leadership or becoming quality experts.

Core roles

Future Lead Auditors

This role is a great career opportunity for someone looking to transition into an Auditor. Our Global Auditor Academy is a transformative programme designed to help professionals with industry experience gain globally-recognised qualifications in auditing against the appropriate standards. ​

Experience in auditing is not needed to get started. Future Lead Auditors are supported with courses and teamed up with world-class experts for on-the-job training. A clear development path is mapped with incentives for reaching key milestones.


Our auditors are passionate about providing invaluable assurance-based services. They have deep technical know-how and expertise, coupled with meticulous attention to detail. They are curious and like to and go above and see beyond our client’s immediate requirements.​

We provide our auditors with the opportunity to stretch their knowledge and guide them with strong inner principles to do the right thing by the clients, their colleagues and our business. We do this so that our clients can be assured they are shaping the future rather than letting the future shape them.​

Auditors with single products can increase develop into offering multiple products as Lead Auditors and Senior Lead Auditors. 

Auditor Manager

Our Auditor Managers play a pivotal role in turning our strategy into a reality. They manage, develop and coach teams of auditors to impartially deliver business assurance services that exceed client expectations, maximise opportunities for business growth with existing clients, and improve our competitive position by meeting utilisation targets. They have a good understanding of business management and drive customer-centricity and ensure that competent resources are available to meet our clients needs.​

Our Auditor are inspirational leaders; role modelling our values and bringing out the best in their teams by fostering a performance-driven culture and a work environment where everyone can thrive. ​

Technical Product Lead

Our Technical Product Leads have extensive expertise and understanding of the global product sectors they work within.  They lead and manage LRQA’s global product sectors to ensure that business, governance, technical needs, and commercial development goals are supported. Technical Product Leads develop and implement global product frameworks to enable the delivery of a consistent, repeatable service to our clients. ​

Managing performance through global reporting enables them to make informed decisions to drive product performance and implement opportunities for improvement where expected targets and KPI’s are not met. ​

They are focused on leading the product sector training, integration, and communication within LRQA to ensure product compliance and governance by effectively interfacing with key Business Partners. ​

They promote LRQA’s credibility within the industry, building and maintaining a strong networking team, attending Technical Committees steering thought leadership. 

Client Operations

This team aim to provide the best experience at every client touch point from scheduling services to billing. They ensure that the right Auditor is assigned to the service to meet the client’s needs; helping our clients identify how to improve their business.

Global Capability Centre (GCC) - India only

Based in Mumbai, India, our Global Capability Centre (GCC) specialises in conducting independent administrative & technical reviews and making key & prompt decisions, such as audit reports and competence reviews, along with process monitoring, database, survey and product management support. Our team of experts have a proven track record of establishing and improving processes, quality recruiting and training resources and enhancing overall performance. ​

We also have opportunities for contractors. Visit our Contractor’s page for more information.

Contractor roles

What our people say

“As a verifier, I actively contribute towards LRQA’s sustainability vision and setting standards for the industry.”​

Hannah Yu, Auditor, Singapore 

“Managing a diverse and multi-national team within South Europe has been a great way to shape and share LRQA’s vision. The Food Sector is a big focus area. Every day, our highly skilled and professional auditors significantly contribute and positively impact the future of the Food Supply Chain.”​

Anna Economides, Assessment Manager (Food), Greece​

“As a planner I have the responsibility to make sure every assessor has the time and the correct qualifications. I verify if our clients fulfil the obligations expected by the local and international regulations in various field of activities, but also to help them to get to grips with new methods to improve their own business.”​

Hugo Laurent, Senior Client Operations Manager, France