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Energy transition services

Comprehensive risk management throughout every phase of your facility’s lifecycle

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Your energy transition partner

As the push towards net zero intensifies, the demand for cleaner energy continues to grow. However, the development, operation, and maintenance of energy facilities present a unique set of challenges, particularly in the management of risk throughout an asset’s entire lifecycle.

The complexity of regulatory compliance and the need to maintain optimal financial, operational, and supply chain performance requires a comprehensive and holistic approach to risk management. LRQA can provide an extensive range of assurance services to cover every phase of your nuclear, hydrogen, wind, solar and renewables projects, from planning and manufacturing to installation, operations, and final decommissioning.

Our energy transition services

Our extensive track record in renewables is built on over 40 years of experience supporting leading energy producers and brands throughout their transition to cleaner energy. We’ve supported some of the world’s most transformative energy projects, with expertise in nuclear, wind, solar and hydrogen.

Why work with us?

Our inspectors and specialists will work closely with you to understand the scope of your energy project. Based on your unique requirements, we’ll then provide tailored solutions throughout the lifetime of your facilities and assets. This approach gives you confidence that your equipment, activities, and supply chain are operating in accordance with legal requirements, global standards and industry best practices. It will also mitigate risk, improve efficiency, and build trust among customers and stakeholders.

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