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Cybersecurity Roles


“Working at LRQA has allowed me the opportunity to not only perform technical work for our clients, but to provide cybersecurity assurance through deep and meaningful relationships with them. Through the level of consulting that we perform, we can help ensure our clients can sleep easy at night knowing that they have a high level of assurance that their networks and systems are as secure as they can be. It is quite rewarding when performing testing year after year and seeing the number of vulnerabilities discovered dwindling as we strengthen our clients' cybersecurity maturity.”​

Kirk Hayes, Managing Principal Security Consultant , USA

LRQA's cybersecurity division is an award-winning global provider of cybersecurity services. ​

​As the speed, scale and sophistication of cyber-attacks continue to grow, organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to respond. Our cybersecurity experts deliver innovative solutions to navigate this complex and ever-evolving threat landscape. From certifying systems and identifying vulnerabilities, to helping prevent attacks and incidents that could impact brand integrity, finances and operations. ​

Working in our Cybersecurity division provides the opportunity to work with world-leading cybersecurity experts We pride ourselves on providing the best quality services, therefore we foster a strong learning culture. We offer early career opportunities and professional development by supporting our colleagues through professional exams and qualifications.​

Our Cybersecurity team won the ‘Best Penetration Testing Product or Service’ at the teiss awards 2024

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Core roles

Penetration Testers

Our Penetration Testers embrace the challenges of a continuously evolving industry, including the prevention of cyber attacks. This role requires cybersecurity expertise and a commitment to finding and exposing vulnerabilities, to protect and secure our clients' organisations.

Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Services team includes a Security Operations Centre, a Network Operations Centre and a Cyber Incident Response Team. These teams are responsible for investigating suspicious cyber activity across our clients' networks, providing expert technical support, and consulting on the best courses of action to take when cybersecurity incidents arise. ​

Research and Innovation team

Our Research and Innovation team offers an environment where colleagues will be intellectually challenged. We offer career development opportunities and continuous professional development so colleagues can stay ahead of the latest trends within the industry. We look for experts in vulnerability research, exploit development, and software development.

Red Teaming, Threat Intelligence and Advisory

Our Red Teamers specialise in identifying real and likely threats to help clients understand business risks by simulating various threat groups with different sophistication levels, supported by sophisticated tooling, advice and guidance. These roles include red teaming, engineering, defence evasion, dev ops, advisory consulting and threat intelligence.

Cybersecurity Advisors

Our Cybersecurity Advisors deliver expert insight that helps clients identify and manage the risks and vulnerabilities impacting their organisation. These roles require individuals who can offer expert guidance, recommendations and strategies to strengthen our clients' cybersecurity maturity.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Experts

Our team dedicate themselves to understanding global regulatory requirements across all sectors and markets, providing tailored strategies to help our clients adhere to them. These roles require experience in taking cybersecurity frameworks and adapting them to meet the needs of clients while providing pragmatic and tailored guidance that is measurable and actionable.​

What our people say​

“At LRQA, our Cybersecurity division ensures that the people, processes, and technologies that organisations rely on are robust and secure. By identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses before they can be exploited, my work helps to create a safer, more secure future.”​

Tom Wedgbury, Managing Principal Security Consultant, (Penetration Testing), UK

“As a female manager in cybersecurity, I help to shape a better future by advocating for diversity and inclusion. I help to shape organisational culture and encourage conversations about how we can inspire more females and young people to pursue a career in STEM and create an environment where they can thrive.”​

Chloe Sharp, Security Engineering Manager, UK