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Corporate Functions banner with LRQA employee

Corporate Function Roles


“As a marketing manager at LRQA, I play an important role in shaping a better future for our organisation and our clients. Whether it’s promoting our services, analysing market trends, or fostering client relationships, my work directly contributes to LRQA’s vision of creating a safer, more resilient world. Each day, my team and I are driving positive change, and ensuring a sustainable future. ​

Our marketing team is committed to excellence, innovation, and impact. Our inclusive culture, driven by dedicated employees, contributes to making communities better. Join me in making a difference at LRQA.”​

​Pallavi Banerjee, Marketing Manager, India

Our global corporate functions are critical to business success and enabling our client-facing colleagues to deliver the best service to our customers. ​

​Our corporate functions provide the support our business units need to operate efficiently, aligned to our strategic priorities. They provide consistency in processes and compliance with regulations. They also play a pivotal role in strategic planning and decision-making to guide the direction and priorities of the organisation.​

​Our corporate functions are Finance (including Legal), Marketing, People and Technology. Each function works collaboratively across all areas of the business to foster cohesion and agility in our rapidly growing organisation.

Core roles

Finance (including Legal)

Our finance teams combine a range of expertise to provide world-class service at all levels; internally and with every interaction with our clients.​

This team operate with an ethical and values-driven approach. They balance commerciality with ‘doing the right thing’ as they provide advice, compliance and guidance to help us create an ever stronger and more efficient company.​

Within our Finance Team are the Legal, Property and Procurement teams.


Our global marketing team’s mission is to fuel client-centric business growth through outstanding marketing strategy and execution. Our propositions and campaigns offer clients the right service, at the right time, through the right channel, based on their challenges and needs. Our marketing colleagues are strategic thinkers, creative executors, relationship makers, and always results-driven. From big picture brand initiatives to colleague communications, this team is voice of our business.


Our People team partner with the business to enable our strategy and support the expansion of our global workforce. We recognise that people enable our success, so our team put colleague experience at the heart of business success. ​

The team aim to create a positive colleague experience at every stage in the journey; from recruitment, development, reward, people services, employee wellbeing and people relations. They support each colleague, unlock our workforce’s full potential and help to create our performance-driven culture, so that we can shape a better future, together.


Our tech teams are comprised of people who bring diverse skillsets to help us provide customers with intuitive, easy to use, high performance, cost effective and secure technology solutions. The team take pride in facilitating business growth through customer orientated solutions where the ability to innovate, adapt and secure are paramount.

What our people say

“Working in Finance you connect the dots from what we are selling to what we are delivering to the client. Delivering high quality insight and analytics that enable forecasting, budgeting and decision making across the business.”

Rich Johns, Head of Finance (Inspection and Digital), UK

“Every day I collaborate with multiple stakeholders to actively improve the colleague experience, one step at a time. Our aim is to create a workplace where everyone can thrive, enabling our experts to do what they do best; serve and protect our clients, so we shape a better future together”​

Lauren Hole, Global Culture & Engagement Manager, UK

“As a partner of the DevOps team at LRQA, my role is to ensure safe and rapid changes to IT systems. We support the full suite of IT delivery projects by developing automated change processes. These processes allow for one-click software deployments, incorporate automated feedback and quality gates, and enable fast value delivery to customers. Additionally, they accelerate the flow of feedback to developers and engineers, enabling agility and quick course correction."​

Seb Coles, Head of DevOps, UK