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Ensuring global food safety and quality.

The International Featured Standard (IFS) Food 6.1 is a leading GFSI-recognised standard which certifies the safety and quality of processed food products and production processes.

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LRQA is a market-leading provider of IFS Food 6.1 assessment, auditing renowned global food manufacturers against the food safety standard. IFS assesses the ability of food manufacturers to comply with food safety requirements and demonstrate due diligence and uniformity, which in turn drives supply chain security and trust.

Developed together with suppliers and retailers, IFS Food 6.1 enables you to prove not only that your products are safe, but that you meet retailer specifications as well.

Benefits of IFS Food

Client confidence

Certification to the international standard reduces the frequency of retailer audits, improving your brand reputation and giving your clients confidence in their supply chain.

Product quality

The uniform food standard enables consistent food safety and quality assurance, meaning fewer product recalls and improved productivity.

Competitive edge

IFS Food 6.1 helps improve relations with customers and authorities, unlocking new business opportunities.

Need help with IFS Food?

LRQA has been working with food manufacturers of all sizes to deliver IFS Food audits, growing our team of technical experts in line with customer requirements.

Whether you are new to the standard and need training or gap-analysis of your sites before booking an audit; or are looking to transfer to LRQA from your current provider, our teams will work with you to tailor a service to suit your needs. 

Why work with us?


LRQA maintains its independence and impartiality by proactively managing conflicts of interest across all business units, including those that exist between consultancy and third-party certification services. We do not offer consultancy for any management system in the process of, or after completing, accredited third-party certification with LR.

Technical expertise

Our auditors are industry specialists whom we match with your business needs, enabling an effective and robust audit of your system.  We’re expert in not only understanding the potential in cutting-edge ideas but in applying this knowledge pragmatically in ways which guarantee impact today and in the long-term.

Your business helps LRQA to help others

The profits we generate fund the LRQA Foundation, a charity which supports science and engineering-related research, education and public engagement around everything we do. All of this helps us stand by the purpose that drives us every single day: Working together for a safer world.

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