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Validate your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data.

ISO 14064 validation and verification provides third-party confirmation that you can deliver GHG removals or emission reductions against an agreed set of criteria; and that you have an appropriate management system to produce true, fair and reliable climate change data.

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LRQA’s (LRQA) validation and verification approach is guided by ISO 14064-3. It provides assurance to your stakeholders of your commitments to reduce carbon emissions.

We provide a range of validation and verification services to help organisations add credibility and assurance to their GHG emissions assertions, with reports to support organisational claims.

Gap Analysis

An ISO 14064 gap analysis reviews your existing GHG management system, identifying where you can make specific improvements to your GHG emissions in line with ISO 14064 standards. During the gap analysis visit, an LRQA assessor will determine the ability of your existing processes to meet climate change targets, pinpointing gaps using LRQA's ISO 14064 checklist.

Verification & Assessment

ISO 14064 has two phases. Validation involves a review of your project design data and documentation, with a validation opinion statement confirming you can deliver adequate GHG removals or emission reductions against the agreed criteria.
Verification ensures your reported climate change data and information is true, fair and reliable as supported by a rigorous management system.

An assurance statement is provided following completion of validation or verification to ISO 14064. The statement confirms the terms of engagement, provides a brief approach of the engagement, the level of assurance and materiality applied and finally provides an opinion. The assurance statement provides credibility to your GHG assertions and claims that they are free of errors, omissions and misstatements. Our assurance statement is recognised externally including recognition by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Integrated Assessment

Organisations with multiple management systems across quality, occupational health and safety, information security and sustainability could reduce the number of required visits through a coordinated assessment, saving you time and minimising costs.

Assurance Services

LRQA offers certification, validation and verification services for health and safety, sustainability, energy management, cyber security and much more, so get in touch to explore what standards you could benefit from.


We maintain our impartiality by proactively managing conflicts of interest across all LRQA businesses including those which may exist between consultancy and third-party certification services. Click here to learn more

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