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Industry leading solutions for total assurance

Ensure you and your teams perform at the highest level and can meet challenges and industry expectations effectively through Management System Solutions (MSS) that sharpen skills, enhance understanding and deliver tangible benefits across your entire organisation and supply chain.  

Whether maximising the effectiveness of management systems and processes or driving safety and performance of assets, our solutions have you covered. 

LRQA’s approach prioritises management systems that enhance business operations and ensure sustainable and quality products and services. We focus on performance, aligning management systems with business objectives for long-term success. 

Our Management System Solutions

Gap analysis

Gap Analysis 

Our gap analysis services deliver comprehensive reports aligned with industry standards or your organisation's specific requirements. The insights gained form the basis for collaborative solutions and guide our tailored coaching plans.


We design and lead engaging workshops for key stakeholders, focusing on actionable outcomes. Our role is to facilitate, coach and inspire, ensuring productive sessions that drive meaningful results.


Our coaching services are available on demand and tailored to your needs. We provide expert guidance through scheduled meetings, sharing best practices, refining processes, and reviewing documents to enhance your management system. 


Benchmarking involves comparing your practices with industry and business leaders to identify performance gaps and opportunities. This approach can be applied to any product, process, function, or business strategy to gain competitive advantages. 

Sector Assurance Solutions 

Our tailored Sector Assurance Solutions help industries implement schemes for success and compliance. LRQA assists in standard development, offering expertise and best practices, ensuring confidence, wider acceptance, industry protection, leadership demonstration, market credibility, and self-regulation support. 

Advisory Solutions  

LRQA delivers comprehensive solutions tailored to clients' needs. Our Management System Solutions offer integrated bundles, reducing risk and promoting innovation. These customised solutions, drawing from years of experience, encompass training, advisory services, quality assurance, and more, ensuring a holistic approach to management needs. 

Why work with us

On-the-ground expertise

We’re everywhere you are. Our solutions are delivered by a global team of specialists who are dedicated to sharing insights and knowledge that will help solve your business challenges, today and into the future.

LRQA auditors having a conversation with a client

Flexible delivery

In many cases, our solutions can be delivered on-site or remotely using safe and secure technology. If you opt for our remote delivery methods, you’ll receive the same high-quality service with several added benefits, including flexibility, fast delivery and access to global expertise.

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Total assurance

LRQA’s Management System Solutions are customised solutions designed to ensure the continuous improvement of your businesses’ performance and maximise on your management systems, beyond minimal requirements.

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence

Find out more about how our Management System Solutions can help your business perform at the highest level and meet industry expectations.

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