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Remote Inspection

Inspection services delivered remotely.

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What is remote inspection?

Remote inspection of your equipment and assets offers a safer, faster solution, particularly in hazardous or hard to access environments, with no compromise on outcomes.

Our expert teams can apply the right remote inspection tools and technologies including our dedicated LRQA Remote app, at the right time, to deliver robust results and real-time insight.
Our flexible, efficient and effective remote inspections comply with relevant accreditation bodies’ requirements, giving you full confidence in our ability to provide expert guidance and support.

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What are the benefits of remote inspection?

Flexible and efficient  

Our remote inspection offers you a flexible and efficient solution that reduces your planning and preparation time.

Uncompromised quality and expertise

Our remote inspection service uses technology to deliver the same level of technical expertise and insight that you are accustomed to.


Remote inspection is an environmentally responsible solution, saving on travel and complex global logistics and greatly reducing the carbon footprint of the inspection.

Improved safety  

Remote inspections eliminate the need to send workers to hazardous sites and locations, thereby mitigating risk to your people without compromising the integrity of the inspection.

How does it work?

Step 1: Planning

We take time to understand the full scope of the inspection, creating a plan that is tailored to your organisation and addresses your operational needs.

Step 2: Test

If necessary, we will conduct a test with you before the inspection, to avoid any potential issues and to ensure the smooth delivery of your inspection on the day. 

Step 3: Remote inspection

We conduct the inspection as planned which can be co-witnessed and participated by as many stakeholders as needed, using video conferencing and file and screen sharing technologies.

Step 4: After the remote inspection

An in-depth e-report is produced, detailing the inspection findings. If a certificate of approval is to be issued, this will be proceeded by a standard technical review.

Step 5: Follow-up

In the event of any nonconformities being raised, wherever possible we will carry out a remote review of corrective and preventive action.

What technology does LRQA use?

Our inspectors are trained on several platforms, including Microsoft Teams and our own LRQA Remote app, which we offer for inspections that include a higher degree of complexity. We are flexible with the tools we use and will work with you to choose the right application for your remote inspection whilst maintaining the security and confidentiality of the data and information shared with us.

LRQA Remote, can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. It is purpose-built, the app’s system and controls are certified to ISO 27001 making it secure and is designed to work effectively, even when the internet bandwidth is poor, making it truly reliable.

It has a host of features that contribute to an intuitive and effective inspection experience:

  • Collaborate with up to four parties on the same live stream
  • Capture and share video, audio and images with technical experts
  • Location coordinates can be used as evidence of the physical location of inspection
The remote inspection program is working very well for Continental Disc allowing us to be more flexible.
Quality Manager, Continental Disc Corporation Darren Heyka

Why choose LRQA?

Strategic vision

Our technical know-how, sector expertise and innovative, forward-thinking approach will help you meet the challenges of today – and become a safer, more secure, and sustainable organisation tomorrow.

Technical expertise

Our people are sector experts. They bring with them a clear understanding of your specific challenges, standards and requirements – then deploy deep knowledge of inspection, certification, assurance, cybersecurity and training to help you meet them.

Global Capability

Operating in more than 120 countries, recognised by over 50 accreditation bodies worldwide, and covering almost every sector, we can help you reduce risk, drive improvement and build credibility with stakeholders around the globe.

Effective Partnership

Every business is unique. That’s why our experts work with you, to fully understand your needs and goals, and work out how we can best support them.

Fresh perspective

We have led the way in shaping our industry and continue to take every opportunity to collaborate with clients and pioneer new ideas, services and innovation.



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