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Hydrogen Project Assurance

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Take control of your risk profile

As the global shift towards cleaner, more sustainable energy continues to gather pace, hydrogen is emerging as a key fossil fuel alternative in the race to Net Zero. However, manufacturing, procuring, operating, and maintaining robust hydrogen systems is not without its challenges. Managing risks throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, while ensuring optimal financial and operational performance, demands a comprehensive approach backed by an effective assurance programme. LRQA offers an extensive range of services, covering every phase of your hydrogen projects, from identifying applicable regulations and planning to production, installation and operation.

Our hydrogen services

Every hydrogen project carries its own unique risks and challenges, making it essential to identify the necessary technical expertise early in the process. That’s why our team of experts collaborates closely with you to understand the full scope of your plans. Based on your requirements we can build a tailored assurance programme that ensures your equipment, products, activities, and supply chain operate in line with legal requirements, global standards, and industry best practices.

Technical Advisory

Maximise the success of your hydrogen projects with specialised insight, regulatory advice, training, and support at every stage.

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Equipment Inspection and Certification

Confirm that your equipment adheres to relevant regulations and international standards, regardless of your export or usage location.

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Product Inspection and Certification

Ensure hydrogen products comply with standards, GHG reporting requirements, and best practices before market entry.

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Project and Supply Chain Assurance

Maintain the integrity of your hydrogen supply chain to guarantee quality and safety throughout your projects.

Why work with us?

Track record in renewables

With over 40 years of experience, we’ve established an extensive track record in renewables – supporting some of the world’s leading energy producers, manufacturers and operators throughout their transition to cleaner forms of energy including hydrogen, nuclear, wind and solar.

Global reach, local expertise

LRQA offers specialist inspection and assurance services in over 80 countries. Whatever your sector, we can help you anticipate, mitigate and manage risk. Our team of over 1,000 inspectors and specialists use extensive local sector knowledge to help thousands of clients safely and sustainably establish best practices.

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Full lifecycle expertise

We offer expert assurance throughout the entire lifecycle of your hydrogen facilities and assets. Our experts are registered to conduct reviews to global and industry standards, and we're accredited by international bodies to deliver a range of services that follow recognised best practices.

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Actionable insights

Our expert team participates in sustainability committees, shapes industry agendas and stays current on key trends to help you seize opportunities and manage risks. This ensures that the insights and solutions we provide are grounded in real-world experience.

Key services

Technical Advisory
  • Regulatory Research and Advisory
    • Regulation Roadmap Development
    • Development of Guidelines and Standards for Hydrogen Safety and Quality
    • Supply Chain Risk
  • Technology and Design Evaluation
    • Technology Qualification
    • Gas Transmission Analysis
    • Gap Analysis for Standards and Design
    • Design Appraisal for Regulatory Compliance
  • Gas Connection Competency Assurance and Advisory services
  • Approval in Principle / Technology Qualification
  • Safety Studies and Risk Assessment
    • QRA, SAFETI, HAZOP, HAZID, SIL Verification
  • Owner’s Engineer Advisory

  • Training

    • Hydrogen Fundamentals (Regulations, Process Safety and Quality)

Equipment Inspection and Certification
Product Inspection and Certification
Supply Chain and Vendor Inspections


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