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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Addressing the impact of ESG challenges on your business

ESG, Sustainability & Climate Change

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The global risk landscape is changing

At LRQA, our team of experts place clients at the heart of our ESG (environment, social and governance), Sustainability and Climate Change solutions, offering a broad suite of services across verification, training, assessments and advisory services aimed at supporting clients' exact business goals. We focus on outcomes enabling you to better serve your own clients and stay ahead in your market, today and into the future.

Our industry experts conduct over 20,000 responsible sourcing and sustainability related assessments across 100+ countries each year. With two decades of expertise, gained by working in partnership with over 450 multinational clients, our unique perspective is built from extensive on-the-ground experience, coupled with unique data and analytical capabilities delivered through EiQ, our global supply chain intelligence platform.

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Our range of solutions

  • GHG verification and carbon emissions reduction

    Our experts can verify any information that your organisation tracks, targets, measures, or publishes, helping you to enhance transparency, meet ESG corporate objectives and build stakeholder trust.

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  • Responsible sourcing assessments

    From compliance with standards and schemes to customised solutions – we partner with you to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable consumption and production.

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  • Environment and energy management

    Demonstrate best practices across your business and gain access to markets through recognised climate change, environmental and energy management systems certification aligned to the needs of specific markets.

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  • Energy transition projects and achieving net zero

    With an extensive track record in renewables, we’ve supported some of the world’s most transformative energy projects, with expertise in nuclear, wind, solar and hydrogen.

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  • Manage supply chain ESG risks in real-time

    Anticipate, mitigate, and manage risk with EiQ, LRQA's end-to-end supply chain due diligence platform, transforming your responsible sourcing programme and facilitating sustainable trade with data-driven insights.

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  • Tailored ESG solutions

    When compliance alone is not enough, we partner with you to solve your biggest ESG challenges, helping you diagnose, design and deploy solutions to reduce risk in your operations and supply chains.

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Why work with us?

With over 800 ESG experts globally, we work alongside you to create solutions that address the unique challenges faced by your business. Some of the world's most recognisable brands rely on LRQA to partner with them on a range of complex projects. From verifying carbon emissions and navigating the energy transition to ensuring that supply chains are free from forced labour, our experts are committed to shaping a better future, together.

Global capability

Our solutions are delivered by a global team of specialists in ESG, supply chain, cybersecurity and compliance. This experience and reach help us understand the risks and opportunities your business faces today, wherever you operate.

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We partner with you

To fully understand the challenges you face and identify the right solutions, we form deep partnerships with our clients that enable us to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business risks and opportunities.

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A history of firsts

We were the first to receive accreditation to deliver certification services for a range of quality, environmental, and health and safety standards across the globe. And we continue to be instrumental in developing a variety of ESG-related standards and schemes.

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Data-driven insights

We invest in digital platforms that give you deep insight into your operations. Our human intelligence is enhanced by extensive analytics capabilities which can be applied to address current and future risks within your operations and supply chain.

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