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We partner with our clients to put them in control – driving transparency and transforming sustainability commitments into trusted, tangible outcomes.

ESG, Sustainability & Climate Change

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LRQA completes acquisition of ELEVATE

Creating a powerful new offering in data-driven ESG assurance. Read the newsarticle here.

LRQA completes acquisition of ELEVATE
LRQA completes acquisition ELEVATE


At LRQA, our team of experts’ place clients at the heart of our ESG (environment, social and governance), Sustainability and Climate Change solutions, offering a broad suite of services across verification, training, assessments and advisory services aimed at supporting clients' exact business goals. We focus on outcomes enabling you to better serve your own clients and stay ahead in your market, today and into the future.

Our industry experts conduct over 20,000 responsible sourcing and sustainability related assessments across 100+ countries each year. With two decades of expertise, gained by working in partnership with over 450 multinational clients, our unique perspective is built from extensive on-the-ground experience, coupled with unique data and analytical capabilities delivered through EiQ, our global supply chain intelligence platform.

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Partnering with you to deliver best practice

We help clients navigate a risk landscape impacted by legal and regulatory compliance, investor interests and increasing industry expectations around sustainability best practice.

Our range of solutions

Climate Change

Blending technical expertise, global reach and deep sector knowledge, our verification, validation, certification and brand assurance services can help demonstrate commitment across every dimension of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We're a CDP Accredited Provider, and our Assessment team will partner with you to deliver recognised assurance services to help your organisation in building trust and confidence with stakeholders, driving performance, inspiring your people, and protecting the planet. 


Responsible Sourcing

Our team has 20+ years’ experience supporting clients to establish Responsible Sourcing Strategies which not only meet the needs of the market, stakeholders and investors but also drive positive measurable impact throughout their operations and supply chains.

We work with you to mitigate risk by identifying responsible sourcing challenges specific to your organisation. We enable you to meet compliance requirements for major regulations such as the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) and US Tarif Act and other legislation.

Data and Analytics

EiQ, building ESG resilience through actionable insight. EiQ, our global supply chain intelligence platform, helps you identify, prioritise and manage risk to drive business performance and meet regulatory requirements.

EiQ provides verified, from-the-ground supply chain data offering a 360-degree view of your supply chain and informs our advisory team on how best to develop tailored solutions aligned to your business strategy.

  • GHG verification and carbon emissions reduction

    Our experts can verify any information that your organisation tracks, targets, measures, or publishes, helping you to enhance transparency, meet ESG corporate objectives and build stakeholder trust.

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  • Environment and energy management

    Demonstrate best practices across your business and gain access to markets through recognised climate change, environmental and energy management systems certification aligned to the needs of specific markets.

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  • Responsible sourcing assessments

    From compliance with standards and schemes to customised solutions – we partner with you to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable consumption and production.

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  • Diversity and inclusion

    Diversity, ethics and human rights

    We can independently verify your diversity, ethics and human rights data and certify your systems and processes to international standards and schemes.

  • Health, safety and wellbeing

    Health, safety and wellbeing

    We can certify your management systems, inspect your equipment and verify your performance. Our services help you comply with OH&S regulations and drive best practice.

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Brand assurance specialists are leading the way to establish guidelines and best practice for ESG standards that stand up to stakeholder scrutiny and anticipate developing regulation.

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