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What's an incident?

Incidents (also referred to in some standards as 'Serious Events') are circumstances that have an impact on your food safety management system and/or the integrity of your certification. These include threats to food safety due to natural or man-made disasters (e.g. war, strike, terrorism, crime, flooding, fire, earthquake, malicious hacking of computers, pandemic, etc.). Incidents also include legal proceedings, criminal prosecutions, significant issues with local authorities (e.g. a penalty issued by a food safety authority), etc.

In all such cases, you must report via our website via the link below.

Please note that most standards set a time limit within which you must report (e.g. within 24 hours or within 3 calendar days from the detection of the incident). Therefore, take a good look at the standard requirements of your certification or contact your auditor.

What is a Product Recall/Withdrawal?

A Product Recall/Withdrawal is an action carried out by your organization because, for example, an unsafe situation has arisen when using your products.
Product Recall: Any measure aimed at achieving the return of a dangerous product that has already been supplied or made available to consumers by the producer or distributor.
Product Withdrawal: Any measure aimed at preventing the distribution, display and offer of an out-of-specification product and/or of a product that may be dangerous to the consumer.

Why and when should a Recall/Withdrawal be reported to LRQA?

For certified companies in the food industry, according to different certification standards, it is mandatory to report a product recall to the Certifying Body if it is related to dangerous products to consumers. For the IFS standard, this is also a requirement in case of a product withdrawal by order of (local) authority. In other industries it may also be mandatory or desirable to report a Product Recall to LRQA. Report your Product Recall as soon as possible, taking into account the requirements of the standard and the government agencies. This does not eliminate the legal obligation to report to the public authorities that you have as a company. If it concerns a recall of products/product withdrawal, further links in the chain must be informed by you.

What will LRQA do with your Incident/Recall report?

Based on the report, LRQA will determine whether it is necessary to make an additional appointment with you for a follow-up audit. The extent to which the recall is the result of the non-functioning or incomplete functioning of the certified management system should be examined. LRQA also wants to determine whether the recall was carried out on the basis of your own procedures and systematics and the measures you have taken have been implemented effectively.

Incidents that have an impact on food safety will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and, where necessary, monitored by a follow-up audit.

This form is picked up internationally, so please complete it in English. 

To directly access the form click on the link below

Recall /Incident Notification Form