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ISO 14064 -1 Implementation & Verification Course


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ISO 14064-1 Implementation & Verification course introduces the ISO approved way for organisations to quantify and manage their greenhouse gas emissions. The course details the requirements of ISO 14064-1 and how these relate to existing GHG schemes and other key protocols and standards.

Who should attend?

Our course is for attendees who need a foundation course in organisational carbon footprinting (GHG emissions quantification). This is a basic ISO 14064-1 awareness course suitable for a range of delegates, including staff from any background, e.g., sales, management, technical, environmental, etc.

The course should be attended by:

  • Those responsible for their businesses organisational GHG emissions
  • Carbon and environmental consultants
  • GHG verifiers
  • Those working in regulatory authorities
  • Supply chain Managers
  • ESG Leaders

Are there any individuals that this course is not suitable for?

It would not be suitable for those already proficient in organisational GHG management and ISO 14064-1.

What will you learn?

Attendees of this course will learn the essentials of GHG management and carbon performance. This course will provide the attendee with an excellent knowledge and understanding of ISO 14064-1, to facilitate quantification and management of organisational carbon footprints and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The objectives of this course are to provide information and case study practice on the following:

  • Structure and vocabulary of ISO 14064-1
  • Relationship with other GHG standards, protocols, programmes, and schemes
  • The five fundamental principles
  • Establishing organizational boundaries
  • Establishing reporting boundaries
  • Quantification steps
  • Quantification methods
  • Uncertainty
  • Emission factors
  • GHG reduction initiatives
  • Base-year management
  • GHG information management
  • GHG Reporting
  •  GHG verification
  • Current GHG reporting environment

What do you need to prepare?

Delegates should complete the pre-course learning before attanding this course.

What's included?

This course includes pre-course work, quizzes, and interactive activities throughout.

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Course length

This is a 3-Day virtual instructor led course.