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How can you ensure you have the right support throughout your project?

With our Owner's Engineer service, we ensure that your project is technically and commercially supported and abides by local and international standards. This service is supported by the full breadth of available LRQA expertise.

Owner's Engineer


Sourcing and attracting the right talent is critical, but not always straightforward - or cost-effective. To support the successful delivery of your project, the LRQA Owner's Engineer service can offer you embedded support - as soon as you need it, or can be tailored made to suit your project’s particular requirements.

What we offer

Whether it's across all project phases or limited to a specific project phase - we can provide the support you need.

This enables you to be sure that:

  • Your project undergoes the correct due diligence
  • You have access to the most up to date skills and knowledge
  • You are using experienced specialist and project management personnel
  • You have the access to the complete suite of LRQA services and skill sets
  • You have local contacts and staff that speak your language, both technically and orally

What are the benefits?

Your project team will receive engineering, commercial and project management excellence. This delivers a number of benefits, including:

  • Protecting your interests
  • Monitoring your EPC contractor, on safety, performance, schedule, commercial and budget
  • Applying a broad range of deep-domain expertise to your project
  • Support for a credible project FID
  • Investor confidence
  • Advice on design optimisation
  • 360 Project monitoring and reporting, including budget, technical, schedule and commercial
  • Ensuring the project meets global industry best practice and standards
  • Access to LRQA technical, commercial and specialist teams


Why choose LRQA?

When you choose to work with LRQA for your renewable energy project, you'll be working with a team of industry-leading experts. Our renewables experts have delivered for some of the world's most complex and ambitious projects, including offshore wind, onshore wind, solar and wave and tidal turbines. We have a global footprint, with offices and experts all over the world and we can apply our experience developed in mature renewables energy markets to those which are at an earlier stage of development.  We are uniquely placed to support your project, throughout the entire lifecycle from development to decommissioning. Along with our marine heritage, we draw on decades of experience in energy and critical infrastructure. We have helped to shape and grow the renewable energy sector with our research and technology advancement activities and we remain committed to contributing to the low carbon future.

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