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Inspection of boilers and pressure vessels for Japan.

MHLW Inspection Services

What is it?

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) in Japan sets requirements for the construction of certain types of boilers and pressure vessels. Manufacturers must comply with the ordinance on "The Safety of Boilers and Pressure Vessels" and "The Examination of Machinery and Other Equipment." Designs of the equipment must also be appraised and approved. Equipment that comes under this regulation must be certified in accordance with the Ministry's "Construction Code for Boilers" or "Construction Code for Pressure Vessels," as appropriate.

What we do.

We are authorised by the Japanese government to inspect certain types of pressure equipment and boilers on their behalf.  The vessels we are authorised to inspect are:

  • Boilers
  • Small size boilers
  • First class pressure vessels
  • Second class pressure vessels
  • Small size pressure vessels

Through our office in Japan, we are well placed to help your company conform to the MHLW standards.

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