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LRQA conducts first Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP) verification live

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As the first global sustainability standard within the dairy sector, SDP has been driven heavily by the market and brands.

The scheme is designed to allow processors, manufacturers and brands to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to ensure dairy products are produced in a Sustainable way through an initial and then ongoing verification. Owned by SAI Platform, the programme covers 11 core themes that are measured during the verification process.

The 11 sustainability themes are set in the Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF) and combined with additional continuous improvement principles to expand sustainability performance at all levels from farm to retail outlet. Not only does it recognise and reinforce existing programs, but it also strengthens relationships as dairy buyers support dairy producers.

As consumer concerns over environmental factors of dairy products continue to grow, so does the need to implement forward-thinking solutions at the farm level. This is LRQA’s first sustainability offering within the dairy sector and is conducted entirely remotely without compromising the final verification findings.

‘Our in-house experts are highly trained subject matter experts and have backgrounds in farming, food processing and certification (ISO 14001), meaning they can verify against the 11 core themes of the DSF. The scope allows clients to demonstrate their ongoing approach to sustainability in the Dairy Supply Chain.’ James Sage, Agri Supply Chain Account Manager, LRQA.

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