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LRQA increases online learning to meet growing demand.

Global management systems and inspection services training provider LRQA has significantly expanded the number of online training courses it offers to businesses around the world in response to growing customer demand.

Following the success of its first raft of eLearning courses - launched in 2019 to facilitate continual improvement in businesses across a wide range of sectors - LRQA has now expanded its programme of online courses to include virtual classroom courses, eLearning and blended options.

Early adopter SIPCA, a global trusted security provider and adviser to governments, security banks and industry, has now trained around 100 internal auditors in 26 different countries using LRQA's Annex SL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001 eLearning introductory courses.

“Staff training is very important to SICPA to not only ensure our staff have the necessary skills and competencies to perform their job on a day-to-day basis, but to ensure the continuous improvement of our process performance,” said SIPCA’s Group Function Corporate QHSE Officer, Boris Quinodoz.

“We have a ‘Management by Quality’ approach in which business process owners are asked to monitor the technical knowledge of their teams in order to achieve the required results. This involves periodic assessment of staff technical competence to identify any training requirements.”

LRQA's training courses were implemented as phase 1 of a skills development programme for SIPCA’s internal auditor team. The plan for Phase 2 involves training business process owners and the team leader communities to build and strengthen understanding of ISO requirements.

Boris continued: “We used to train staff using traditional classroom sessions but decided to move to a digital platform as logistically it makes training lots of people in multiple locations around the world much easier. It also helps with reusability. We are still in the discovery phase, but we already see a good, growing level of confidence among our teams with regards to the level of knowledge about these standards, which in turn boosts our capabilities as well as the reputation of the department. Ultimately, we would like to create a partnership with LRQA for certification and training services to help facilitate the continual improvement of our company’s performance.”

LRQA's range of eLearning courses includes introductory, practitioner and professional level training courses relating to health and safety, quality, food, medical, info security and cyber, environmental, climate change and sustainability, automotive, aerospace and transportation among others. Courses can be viewed on our training page, and can be booked individually or as part of a customised training programme using a mix of on and offline learning styles according to the specific needs of businesses.

Stuart Kelly, LRQA's Global Head of Commercial said: “Research into how people learn most effectively and ongoing customer feedback informed us that many businesses are moving towards online learning as a more cost effective and practical way of teaching large numbers of employees. Our classroom courses are still popular and have become more interactive to facilitate improved learning, but it’s important to us to meet evolving customer needs and offer businesses more choice.”