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Safety in feed and animal food.

ISO/TS 22002-6 specifies requirements for prerequisite programmes (PRPs) to assist in controlling feed safety hazards in feed and animal food, as well as in materials intended to be used in the production of feed and animal food.

ISO/TS 22002-6 - Feed and animal food production

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What is ISO/TS 22002-6?

Prerequisite programmes aim to ensure feed safety and to prevent control and detect potential contamination, whilst feed safety hazards in this context, relate to attributes with the potential to affect adversely animal and/or human health.

ISO/TS 22002-6:2016 is applicable to all organisations involved in the manufacturing or supply of feed and animal food which want to implement a PRP, regardless of size, location and complexity.

ISO/TS 22002-6:2016 certification assessments are offered in combination with ISO 22000 assessments.

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