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EiQ Lite is a powerful digital certification companion, providing data-driven insights that help guide your continual improvement programme. Enabling you to benchmark your ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certification results against our extensive pool of country, regional and global audit data.

Furthermore, as ESG regulations continue to gain momentum and consumer preferences increasingly prioritise products sourced responsibly with transparent supply chains, we have integrated insights on emerging ESG risks into EiQ Lite. This empowers you to proactively prepare for and navigate both current and upcoming ESG-related regulations, as well as effectively address new ESG sourcing risks.

EiQ Lite, your digital certification companion, was created specifically for QHSE professionals and certification owners and is accessed through the LRQA Client Portal. 

EiQ Lite delivers:

EiQ Lite helps you prioritise the next steps of your continual improvement programme, enabling you to progress over time and make focused, data-driven decisions to drive improved business performance and be more competitive.
Audit Insights delivers powerful benchmarking on findings over time by sections and clauses, including:

  • Audit trends, which highlight the trends of your data and the benchmark over time and geography.
  • Audit findings drill down into your section and clause level findings, compared with the LRQA benchmark.

ESG Risk Indices give you access to responsible sourcing insights, highlighting different supply chain risks within your country and region. The Risk Indices cover five key ESG themes: labour, health & safety, environment, business ethics and management systems, as well as providing an overall score. These insights are aggregated at a country and regional level.


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By providing data-informed insights to highlight areas of certification that may require attention. Letting you focus on what matters when preparing for an audit.


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By collating your audit results and comparing them with our extensive pool of country, regional and global audit data. Enabling you to benchmark against your competition.


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By identifying trends in your certification performance and non-compliance over time. Letting you focus on continual improvement.


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By helping you prepare for current and forthcoming ESG related regulations. Enabling you to navigate new ESG sourcing risks.


Why work with us?

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Our people are leading experts in compliance, supply chain, cybersecurity and ESG. We work alongside your teams to gain a clear understanding of your risks, challenges, and needs – then share our knowledge to help your business thrive, today and into the future.

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Actionable insight

We invest in digital platforms that deliver and enhance insight into your business. This data-driven approach means our expertise is underpinned by extensive analytics, which can be applied to address current and future risks within your operations and supply chain.

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Global capability

We operate in more than 150 countries with a team of more than 5,000 people. Across almost every sector our award-winning compliance, supply chain, cybersecurity and ESG specialists help more than 60,000 clients to anticipate, mitigate and manage risk. Wherever you operate, we will be able to support you.

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Focus on your business

Every business is unique. That’s why our experts work with you to fully understand your needs and goals and how we can best support you, from assuring assets and management systems to building global supply chain assurance programmes. Our approach to the design and delivery of our services is flexible and pragmatic, tailored to the challenges faced by your business.

How does EiQ Lite help you benchmark your performance?

EiQ Lite benchmarks your audit results against our extensive pool of country, region, and global audit data, which enables you to compare your performance against
your competitors.

Which standards does EiQ Lite currently provide insights on?

EiQ Lite currently delivers insights for ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001. We will be  introducing further standards during 2024.

How do I access EiQ Lite?

EiQ Lite is accessed through the LRQA Client Portal.

How many years of benchmarking data is provided by EiQ Lite?

EiQ Lite provides five years of benchmarking data. 

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