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LRQA brings together decades of sector-specific expertise, data-driven insight and on-the-ground presence to help you navigate a new era of risks and opportunities.

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LRQA launches latest ESG risk outlook report for 2024

In the first half of 2024, labour violations have surged across global supply chains, coinciding with a decline in audit transparency. Read more in LRQA's bi-annual ESG global risk report, drawing on data from our supply chain intelligence platform, EiQ.


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Understand the upcoming AS 9100 rule changes



The AS 9100 rules are due to be amended, these changes introduce significant updates to the auditing and certification processes. Read this article to find out more about the key changes and their implications.

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Your guide to corporate ESG reporting

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Gain a thorough understanding of ESG reporting disclosure requirements across different countries and regions with our comprehensive guide. Navigate complex reporting standards with ease through clear, concise summaries and guidelines, including where they apply.

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LRQA accredited by UKAS to deliver ISO 19443 certification

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We provide essential services for the nuclear industry, including equipment inspection and technical advisory, project assurance and certification, and supply chain and vendor inspection.

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Where we can help

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  • Food and Beverage

    Ensure the highest levels of food safety, integrity and sustainability.

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  • Energy and Renewables

    Manage risk and unlock opportunities throughout your transition to cleaner energy.

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  • Consumer Goods and Retail

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    Build consumer trust through compliance, supply chain transparency and proactive risk management.

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  • ESG and Responsible Sourcing

    Demonstrate ESG best practices to enhance transparency, comply with regulations, and build trust with stakeholders.

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  • Cyber and Information Security

    Strengthen your cybersecurity maturity to navigate an evolving threat landscape.

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  • Data and Analytics

    Leverage data-driven insights to identify, prioritise, and manage risks, enhancing your business performance and creating a competitive advantage.

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Our connected portfolio of assurance solutions, combined with our data-driven decision making and on the ground expertise, means we are uniquely positioned to help you navigate risk and shape a more sustainable and secure future for your business, your people, your stakeholders, and the planet.

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Navigate a new era of risk

The era of Assurance 4.0 is here. Businesses face a rapidly changing world, with a heightened focus on three emerging global trends - ESG considerations, supply chain complexity and evolving cybersecurity threats.

These powerful new trends have combined with more traditional risks—to assets, people and systems—creating a more complex landscape. To solve their biggest business challenges, from compliance to performance, businesses must address their key challenges proactively and holistically. 

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Assure assets and management systems

Risk management is underpinned by legal and regulatory compliance but compliance requirements are rapidly shifting. Businesses that assure their assets and management systems effectively will be able to maintain a more responsible and transparent supply chain, demonstrate industry-specific compliance to key stakeholders and be fully compliant with industry regulations and legislation. 

How we can help you

Achieve product integrity

The increasing demand for safe, authentic, high-quality products, components and services means it is vital for businesses to demonstrate integrity across their supply chain. Failure to ensure optimal product integrity can lead to recalls, fines, loss of orders and irreversible reputational harm.

How we can help you

Source responsibly

Supply chain legislation is evolving. More governments are requiring deeper accountability and transparency on ESG, including the mitigation of human rights violations and carbon emissions reductions. To retain stakeholder trust and keep people safe, organisations must work to ensure they have the processes, programmes and strategy in place to identify and reduce the likelihood of occurrences in their operations and value chains. 

How we can help you

Navigate the energy transition and achieve net zero

The push towards net zero comes with complex challenges for both the energy sector managing energy asset lifecycles, and consumer brands reducing their carbon emissions in accordance with global initiatives. Businesses that commit to an energy transition plan will be able to understand, measure, verify, manage and reduce carbon emissions, navigate the transition to cleaner energy sources and infrastructures and comply with local, national or global environmental regulations  

How we can help you

Strengthen cybersecurity maturity

Cyber threats continue to evolve in frequency and sophistication and ransomware, malware, and third-party attacks are ever-present risks to businesses. Businesses that enhance their cybersecurity strategy will be able to identify cybersecurity weaknesses, detect and respond to cyber threats,  meet obligations around governance, risk & compliance and minimise the impact of cyber attacks. 

How we can help you

Driving trust and innovation in additive manufacturing with Shell

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Elevating operational excellence and employee well-being at BAE Systems

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Converting offshore wind power at sea and transmitting it to shore with TenneT

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