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Elevating operational excellence and employee well-being with ISO 45001 and ISO 45003

BAE Systems Rochester and LRQA

BAE Systems Rochester, a segment of the global aerospace and defence conglomerate and home to the UK-based elements of BAE Systems’ Electronic Technology platforms, has always been at the forefront of innovation and their commitment to continuous improvement and employee welfare hasn’t wavered.

LRQA speaks with Bob Moulton, SHE and Energy Manager at BAE Systems Rochester, to discuss the positive impacts they have seen following their ISO 45001 certification and ISO 45003 guidance and how partnering with LRQA helped to manage complex health and safety risks, including the increasing risk of psychological health and safety in the workplace. 

Client challenges

  1. Innovation and continuous improvement: BAE Systems Rochester thrives on innovation. However, with innovation comes the challenge of maintaining and improving operations and ensuring effectiveness in a changing risk landscape.
  2. Site transformation: As they embarked on the journey of building a new factory and transforming their site, BAE Systems Rochester faced the dual challenge of managing the physical build and ensuring the well-being of their employees.
  3. Remote working and worker participation: With the evolving work landscape and an increasing number of employees working remotely, there was a need to ensure that these employees felt appropriately supported and monitored.

How LRQA helped

  1. ISO 45001 certification: BAE Systems Rochester were an early adopter of OHSAS 18001, the predecessor to ISO 45001, and had also gained independent accredited certification to ISO 14001, the globally recognised environmental management system standard. Recognising the importance and synergy with their existing management system certification, BAE Systems Rochester transitioned to ISO 45001 in 2018 with the support of LRQA. LRQA’s accredited certification of BAE Systems Rochester’s ISO 45001 occupational health and safety (OHS) management system transparently and impartially demonstrates the effectiveness of the site's systems and processes, providing assurance to employees and stakeholders. 
  2. ISO 45003 implementation: With the help of LRQA’s team of expert OHS auditors, BAE Systems Rochester later adopted ISO 45003, the internationally recognised guidance document that helps organisations manage psychological health and safety in the workplace. The ISO 45003 guidance document and the partnership with LRQA are important components of their already strong approach to managing psychosocial risk and ensuring the psychological well-being of employees.
  3. Employee assurance: BAE Systems Rochester’s and LRQA’s partnership on ISO 45001 and ISO 45003 not only ensures operational excellence and competitive advantage but also provides employees with the reassurance that BAE Systems Rochester prioritises their best interests; boosting employee morale but also making them an attractive prospect for potential employees.
By partnering with LRQA, we have not only created a great workplace for today but have also ensured that it remains a stable and safe place for the future.
SHE and Energy Manager, BAE Systems Rochester Bob Moulton

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