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Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS).

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We operate the Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS)  on behalf of the UK Gas Transporters.

We perform technical assessments companies wishing to become GIRS registered  providers (commonly known as Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIPs)), who elect to be assessed for accreditation, for work associated with the construction of new gas infrastructure operating up to 7 bar pressure.

GIRS registered providers are able to undertake new gas connections, services alterations or disconnections, dependent on the scope of their accreditations.

For the GIRS accreditation there is a regular forum which all fully accredited GIRS providers are invited to attend. There is also a GIRS advisory panel, which governs the scheme, where selected members are invited to attend. To view minutes of previous meetings please click here.

Domestic customers

Domestic customers who may be seeking to have work undertaken on their connection should see the National Grid's page for domestic consumers and homeowners to get more information.

We cannot provide quotations or recommend accredited providers to undertake connections work, but you can see the list of GIRS providers accredited to undertake connections work here.

Looking for the latest utilities scheme minutes?

Looking for the latest utilities scheme minutes?