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You need this course if...

This course is designed to provide delegates with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to be able to carry out problem solving in a structured manner.

You will learn...

  • The correct definitions of corrective and preventive action and how and when they are applicable
  • What management controls are and their contribution to effective preventive action
  • To use a structured approach to address problems in your organisation including the 8D approach
  • How to select and apply appropriate tools and techniques to problem-solving and improvement
  • To assess how effective your corrective and preventive action has been.

Who should attend?

Defining the concept of corrective action and exploring various problem-solving and root cause methodologies, this course is intended for:

  • Those responsible for driving business improvement
  • Those responsible for solving problems regardless of whether they are customer related complaints, quality related rejects or from any other source
  • Those looking to stop repeat problems
  • Those looking to save costs and minimise unnecessary waste


If you are looking for a course for four or more people, you may find our in-house option more cost-effective. Contact the team for a quote.