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SMETA Certification & Training

Learn about Certifying to Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA).

A globally-recognised and pioneering standard for the improvement of ethical practices throughout the supply chain.

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With retailers, consumers and governments increasingly concerned about ethical and social standards, SMETA is becoming an even more essential as a way for organisations to prove they are working in an ethical manner, irrespective of size, sector or geography. It is the world’s most commonly used ethical audit format and covers four pillars: labour standards, health and safety, business ethics and the environment.

Benefits of SMETA

Reduced costs

Follow a standardised approach to sharing audit information, avoiding duplicated effort and cutting costs.

Ethical supply chain assurance

Improve supply chain management, measuring your performance against international industry benchmarks.

Proven quality

Support responsible sourcing practices and sustainable production systems through a standard evaluation method that reinforces your brands’ credentials.

Need help with SMETA?

LRQA is a Nestlé approved supplier able to deliver SMETA audits. If you have specific concerns about your supply chain or wish to review how you can improve your business practice, LRQA can work with you to provide both a SMETA audit, and potentially develop a programme that addresses the underlying issues, putting scalable solutions into practice. 

Why work with us?

History of excellence

LRQA has been delivering SMETA audits since 2008. The technical know-how and project management expertise of our experienced and highly-trained auditors ensure that we can adapt our assurance services to match your business needs. 

Specialist skillset

The local knowledge and skills of our auditors are of paramount importance as they help to put your workforce at ease, so they feel comfortable to give an open and frank testimony of their working conditions.  

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