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Road through the green mountains

Our commitment to being an ethical, responsible, and sustainable company

Our Planet, Our Plan

Our Planet, Our Plan is LRQA's seven-year promise to lead the way in our commitment to being a sustainable, ethical, and responsible company. It is the creation of more than 1,500 colleagues who worked together to lay out our vision and ambition to be a company that does the right thing by our colleagues, clients, communities, stakeholders and our planet.

It has its foundations in the Seventh Generation principle. Based on an ancient Haudenosaunee philosophy, it teaches us that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future. This is why Our Planet, Our Plan includes seven commitments to be delivered over the next seven years, laying a foundation for the next seven generations.

The plan is presented as a dashboard, divided into seven core commitments, underpinned by ambitious internal time-bound performance indicators. We will measure, score, and externally verify every indicator and publish our progress with full honesty and transparency, including when we fall short. 

LRQA's Our Planet Our Plan Dashboard image


Embedding ESG into business practice

LRQA is a Participant of the United Nations Global Compact and adheres to its principles-based approach to responsible business. We have embedded its Ten Principles in the Ambitions that shape Our Planet, Our Plan and the metrics that we use to measure our progress towards achieving them.

Our Planet, Our Plan podcast series

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LRQA launches sustainability strategy with a monitoring dashboard

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LRQA launches sustainability strategy with a monitoring dashboard