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The Survey Association PAS128 Utility Mapping Accreditation (PUMA) Scheme enables TSA members to demonstrate compliance with PAS 128:2022, which specifies the requirements for the detection, verification, and location of existing and new underground utilities, as well as the implementation of good practice in terms of risk management, competency management, transparency of process and organisational efficiency.

TSA and LRQA developed the PUMA scheme in conjunction with TSA members who participated in the pilot process to support scheme validation. The scheme aims to give accredited TSA members a competitive advantage over other commercial survey companies by giving clients confidence in the level of service and product accuracy assured by the accreditation.

Participating TSA Members

Company  Approval status  PAS 128 scopes  Date of accreditation
Met Geo Environmental Ltd Approved A*, B*, C*, D 10 July 2023
MK Surveys Ltd Approved A*, B*, C*, D 16 January 2024
Powers Approved A*, B*, C*, D 25 January 2024
Site Vision Surveys Ltd Approved A*, B*, C*, D 8 February 2024
Malcolm Hughes Land Surveyors Limited Approved A*, B*, C*, D 28 February 2024
Freedom Group of Companies Ltd Approved A*, B*, C*, D 29 April 2024