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Ransomware attacks continue to pose a threat to organisations worldwide, leading to financial loss, disrupted operations and decreased brand reputation. It is critical to ensure that your operations are secure and that you have a plan in place should your organisation become a target for a cyber-attack. 

During this webinar, our experts explored the threat that ransomware attacks pose, including the impact of an attack, and how organisations can ensure their systems are better prepared.

They provided attendees with a deeper understanding of how ransomware attacks occur, strategies for identifying, responding to and mitigating risks, including the role that third party assurance services play in ensuring systems and operations.

Main areas of discussion - 

  • The anatomy of a ransomware attack
  • Identifying and mitigating risk with ISO 27001
  • Steps to enhance cybersecurity resilience
  • Live Q&A session 

Jenny Wu - Senior Incident Response Consultant, LRQA Nettitude
Nick Prescot - Head of CISO Services, LRQA Nettitude