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Carbon management in the built environment


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What is PAS 2080?

PAS 2080 is a global standard for managing carbon within the built environment. It provides a common framework across the infrastructure value chain and applies to new projects or programs of work and also to the management or retrofit of existing infrastructure assets.

Targeted at leaders, asset managers, designers, product suppliers and constructors, who are responsible for delivering infrastructure, PAS 2080 promotes best practice in carbon reduction, as well as supporting collaborative working, supply chain innovation and reduced project costs.

PAS 2080 was revised in 2023 to provide a more integrated approach to the built environment. The revised standard takes a whole life view and applies a systems-thinking approach to support the transition to net zero.


Our verification services

Verification from LRQA gives stakeholders and investors’ confidence that data is accurate, representative and benchmarkable. This helps them make informed decisions based on a company’s strategy, performance, risks and growth opportunities.


What are the benefits of PAS 2080 verification?

Reduced environmental impact

Verification to PAS 2080 enables your organisation to measure and monitor carbon reduction and provides reassurance that the data is accurate. It demonstrates your commitment to reducing carbon and working towards net zero emissions – boosting your environmental credentials.

Enhance business performance

By managing defined relationships within your value chain, PAS 2080 can enable your organisation to streamline existing products and services to improve your business performance.

Reduction in costs

PAS 2080 can help your organisation to build collaborative business relationships that strengthen your processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Increase competitiveness

Implementing PAS 2080 can assist your organisation in gaining contracts in the UK and globally. Due to the carbon management principles within PAS 2080, organisations will be viewed favourably by economies seeking to meet their international carbon reduction commitments.


PAS 2080 will ensure that carbon is consistently and effectively quantified at key points, enabling carbon data to be shared transparently along the supply chain.

Why work with us?

Local & global expertise

We’re everywhere you are. With highly qualified verifiers worldwide, we can provide a local service with a globally consistent dedication to excellence. Our people are sector experts. They bring with them a clear understanding of your sustainability challenges and requirements – then deploy deep knowledge of verification, certification and assurance to help you meet them.

Beyond compliance

Our assurance engagements are conducted in accordance with ISO 14064-3: Specification with guidance for validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions to provide reasonable assurance of the claim of conformity. In addition, LRQA is accredited to deliver certification and verification for a number of carbon management schemes.