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National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS).

Offering certification to more National Highway Sector Schemes than any other certification body in the UK.

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What is National Highways Sector Scheme (NHSS) certification?

National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS) are based on ISO 9001 with additional requirements for highways activities. Developed in conjunction with all parts of the highways industry and the United Kingdom Accredited Service, they were designed to provide an industry benchmark and to give assurance to clients that standards were being consistently applied.

The various Schemes are managed by separate technical advisory committees which comprise representatives from across the industry, certification and training bodies, clients, contractors, suppliers and trade associations.

The Sector Scheme Documents are published by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) on behalf of the technical advisory committees and can be downloaded from www.ukas.com

As a market leader in the provision of Business Assurance services throughout the highways sector and associated training services, we are ideally placed to provide accredited certification to each of the National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS).

In fact, LRQA has UKAS accreditation for the vast majority of NHSS schemes and we cover more than any other certification body.

LRQA offers certification to more National Highway Sector Schemes than any other certification body in the UK:

Benefits of National Highways Sector Scheme (NHSS)

Reduced costs 

Opportunity to reduce costs for the client and supplier though focus on quality as an objective

Continual improvement  

Making sure your processes are planned and maintaining with a properly trained and competent workforce

Best practice

Assurance for your stakeholders by provision of a robust, transparent system and involve all sides of the industry in scheme ownership within a partnership framework

Why choose LRQA for National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS)?

Proven track record

We have high-profile clients in the fencing, landscaping and vehicle safety restraints to road surfacing and marking, traffic management, lighting, electronics and corrosion protection.


LRQA has been at the forefront of standards development and involved in QMS assessment and certification for a number of years.

NHSS specialists

Our assessor and management systems experts qualified in quality and other aspects of NHSS.

LRQA offers certification to more National Highway Sector Schemes than any other certification body in the UK

Simon Bradley

Directives Product Manager, LRQA

Number Scheme
2A Design and/or Supply, Installation and Repair of Fences for Infrastructure Works
2B Supply, Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Vehicle Restraint Systems
2C Design, Supply, Installation and Repair of Environmental Barriers (Structural) for Infrastructure Works
3 Stocking and Distribution activities for Mechanical Fasteners
3B Stocking and Distribution activities for Structural Steel Products
4 Preservative Treatment of Timber
5A Manufacture of Parapets for Road Restraint Systems
5B Installation of Parapets for Road Restraint Systems
6 Manufacture and Verification of Lighting Columns
7 Application of Road Marking Materials & Road Studs to Road Surfaces
8 The overseeing and/or maintenance of Highway Electrical Equipment and supporting works
9A Design, assembly and/or provision of permanent and temporary road traffic signs
10A Manufacture of Metallic Legacy Vehicle Restraint Systems
10B Permanent Vehicle Restraint Systems incorporating NHSS 2B & 5B
12A & 12B Static Temporary Traffic Management on Motorways and High Speed Dual Carriageways Including On Line Widening Schemes
12C Mobile Lane Closure Traffic Management on Motorways and Other Dual Carriageways
12D Installing, Maintaining and Removing Temporary Traffic Management on Rural and Urban Roads
13 Supply and Application of Surface Dressings to Road Surfaces
14 Quality Management of the Production of Asphalt Mixes
15 Supply of Paving Grade Bitumens
16 Laying of asphalt mixes
18 Environment and landscape including ecology
19A Corrosion protection of ferrous materials by industrial coatings
20 Execution of Steelwork in Transportation Infrastructure Assets
23 Small Scale Pavement Repairs
29 Land Drilling – Geothermal Drilling
30 Installation, Maintenance and Repair of modular paving
GG102 Quality management systems for Highway Design

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