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Inspection of pressure equipment for Singapore.

Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

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What is it?

Like many countries, Singapore requires third-party inspection of most pressure vessels that are sold there.  This is stated in the Workplace Safety & Health Act, which is enforced by Singapore's Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Manufacturers who want to export their equipment to Singapore must make sure their products meet these requirements and are then registered with the Occupational Safety and Health Division. This includes:

  • Air receivers
  • Steam receivers
  • Refrigeration plant pressure receivers
  • Steam boilers (including autoclaves)
  • Economizers
  • Superheaters

The pressure equipment types listed above also must be examined on a periodic basis by an Authorised Examiner.

What we do.

The MOM has approved LRQA as an Overseas Inspection Agency to perform inspection and certification on pressure equipment.

We can cover the entire build cycle of your equipment, beginning with the approval of design drawings, continuing through to manufacturing inspection, witnessing of testing, and final inspection conformity in order to issue the certificate.

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