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Towards the tipping point - and beyond.

What happened when LRQA brought together 40 of the UK's leading experts in renewable energy? Take a look at this short white paper to find out.

LRQA recently published the latest Technology Radar, the fourth in a series of primary research that examines the outlook for innovation and growth across the global energy sector. The 2018 edition, published in February, focuses exclusively on renewable energy. Asking the question, "when will renewable energy become the dominant source of power?" we sought the opinion and knowledge of over 800 industry experts.

The results were thoughtful and insightful, and we were keen to share them with the wider energy community. So, we held a series of briefings in Europe and Asia at which expert stakeholders from across the sector gathered to discuss the findings, and their implications for the transition to a lower carbon future. The discussions were held under Chatham house Rule, which encouraged open and lively debate.

The themes that emerged provided a deeper understanding on the dynamics and opportunities that characterise the renewable sector at present – and illuminated some of the issues we must tackle as we move towards a lower carbon future.