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Centurion achieves various ISO HSSEQ certifications.

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Health, safety, security, environment and quality management (HSSEQ) continues to be at the top of Centurion’s priorities, especially during the current challenges due to COVID-19.

As a result, Centurion’s brands across the UK and Australia recently embraced remote auditing technology to carry out a critical ISO HSSEQ recertification assessment.

The brands worked with LRQA – a world leader in quality assurance and certification – to successfully and efficiently renew their Integrated Management Systems Certification to the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. The process, which was carried out in April, included all mandatory aspects of the assessment including site tours using handheld devices, employee interviews held through video calls and all essential documentation exchanged digitally through online file sharing platforms.

Maintaining these certifications demonstrates that Centurion’s HSSEQ management systems follow a robust and globally-recognised approach, focused on continually improving processes and managing business risks to meet today’s needs and expectations.

Donna Hutchison, Centurion’s RoW HSSEQ Director said: “We were delighted to have successfully completed our recertification in such an efficient manner. By utilising the technology, we were able to achieve our goal despite logistical limitations, furloughs and the stay-home realities. In the process we also shortened the schedule and eliminated travel time and costs while offering greater flexibility to the employees involved. We would like to thank LRQA for accommodating our needs during these challenging times, working alongside us to complete this essential process entirely remotely.”

Centurion CEO Fernando Assing, said: “Centurion continues to deliver on our commitment to health and safety through any means possible, time and time again. This innovative application and use of technology speaks to our willingness to adapt to changing circumstances and our resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges. Well done to the entire Centurion team for coming together and delivering on the completion of this critical task.”

From LRQA’s team, Gary Smith said “The use of remote technology was fully embraced by the Centurion management team. Centurion and LRQA adapted working hours during the recertification so the international assessment between the UK and Australia could be completed successfully. We have a strong working partnership with the Centurion team, who put their trust in us to deliver these audits remotely, while providing effective support to our assessors.”

Suzanne Laskiewicz added: “Businesses need to remain sustainable despite current restrictions and the support for the remote technology application by the Centurion Management team made this audit very straightforward, including international sites assessment work.”