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Farm assurance scheme

Farming to the highest standards.

Demonstrate leading levels of food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection.


We have a 30-year track record of working with farmers around the world, auditing against recognised industry standards and developing tailored, customer specific programmes which help farms and farm businesses demonstrate high levels of animal welfare, food safety, sustainability, environmental stewardship, quality and traceability.

Involved in the development and rollout of the first ever accredited farm standards, our specialist farming and agricultural team has deep sector knowledge of dairy, poultry, livestock, crops and fresh produce farming, with industry expertise in food production and manufacturing from farm to fork.

Customised or 2nd Party Farm Assurance programmes

Our sector expertise and technical knowledge, combined with decades of experience developing and implementing farm standards which meet and exceed industry best practice, enables us to work closely with retailers and manufacturers in the development of customised or 2nd Party Farm Assurance programmes. Meeting specific buyer requirements, these programmes provide supply chain reassurance and brand protection.

Benefits of Farm Assurance

The range of benefits for farmers, food manufacturers, retailers and consumers include:

Best practice

Farm Assurance can help you build a reputation for the highest standards of food production and supply chain integrity. Being certified against a leading industry standard or scheme proves to buyers that you have met the highest standards in your area of production.


Farm Assurance can prove provenance across the whole supply chain, from fertiliser and feed through to the end product. This gives buyers greater confidence in the origin of your produce.


Sustainable faming and agriculture practices that promote environmental protection are a key element of Farm Assurance, showcasing your commitment to best practice processes and ways of working.

Why work with us?

Customised approach

We can help prepare your organisation for Farm Assurance. Our ability to combine audits and offer a full range of services enables you to save time and cut costs.

Technical expertise

We match expert food safety assessors with deep industry knowledge to your business; enabling a robust audit of your system. Assessors are specialists not only in understanding the potential in cutting-edge ideas but in applying this knowledge pragmatically in ways which guarantee impact today and in the long-term.

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