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Olga Rivas Castillón

Technical Cluster Manager, ESG


Olga Rivas Castillón is Technical Director of LRQA Quality Assurance Iberia and Legal Representative of LRQA Quality Assurance España, SLU.


Olga has extensive experience as a technical professional specialising in design, development, implementation, evaluation and training in the field of sustainability, environment and energy, with a particular focus on audit and verification principles.

She has 25 years of experience advising and auditing organisations on environmental, energy and health and safety risks. Olga has contributed significantly to driving cultural change in organisations. She has been involved in sustainability reporting and non-financial data verification projects, including extensive interaction at board level with leading companies on climate change, energy, sustainability verification and certification issues.




Olga has a degree in chemical sciences, engineering and environmental management, and is a recognised sustainability expert. She is a regular participant in sustainability-related certification and accreditation forums. She is also a frequent contributor to global sustainability conference programmes.