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What is it?

In 2019 the China Admittance Scheme for Valves legislation was implemented by the Chinese Government to regulate the import of valves into the country. The scheme includes specific requirements for type tests and licensing meaning valves cannot be imported into China unless they comply with the requirements of the scheme.

The scheme goes into effect June 1, 2024, and applies to all the domestic and overseas manufacturers of valves except certain special fields.

Once the revision comes into force, a valid China Manufacturer License from the China Special Equipment Licensing Office (SELO) and a Chinese type test report (also known as a TS certificate) will be required for import and operation in China.

What we do.

We can help you with the procedure for a China Manufacturing License (CML):

  • Application acceptance: Initial checks are made to determine whether a product requires a CML. All pressure vessel products are recommended to be checked for China CML prior to being exported to China. The acceptance also includes classification of the product.
  • Documentation: The application process requires many different documents including a new quality manual, a copy of your business license, company introduction, in-process product data, drawings and copies of existing certificates. LRQA can guide you on how to prepare the documentation to meet the requirements from China Authorities.
  • Type tests: Type tests will be required for some products such as safety valves. LRQA can help you select suitable labs and coordinate the tests to save time and costs.
  • On-site audit: Once all the documents are accepted the on-site audit will be conducted, lasting approximately 4 days. This varies according to product category and level of complexity. A special focus during the audit will be placed on the quality manual and supporting documentation will be checked. LRQA can help you with the comprehensive preparation of the physical audit.
  • Completion: After the successful completion, the manufacturing license will be issued, and the products can then be exported to China.