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Going beyond ASME code inspection.

LRQA works with ASME committees to contribute and stay current.

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ASME's standards are developed by technical committees – mechanical engineers and others who represent various facets of their industries, from manufacturers and installers to insurers, inspectors, distributors, regulatory agencies and end users.

Currently, more than 5,000 technical experts from around the world work with ASME worldwide to publish some 550 standards.

The AIA of LRQA, LRQA Verification Limited, is actively involved in the ASME committee work. This benefits our clients in several ways:

  • We assist new applicants in the certification process
  • We can pursue requests for interpretations or Code revisions of our clients and inspectors
  • Our surveyors are fully up-to-date due to our participating in the standards development process
  • We make our inspectors and clients aware of revisions to standards and their technical basis before they're published


Current ASME Committee involvement

Board on Conformity Assessment (BCA)

  • Committee on Boiler & Pressure Vessel Conformity Assessment
  • Committee on AIA Accreditation

BPV Committee on Power Boilers (Section I)

  • Subgroup on General Requirements & Piping (BPV I)
  • BPV I Power Boilers Germany International Working Group (IWG)
  • BPV I Power Boilers India International Working Group (IWG)

BPV Committee on Pressure Vessels (VIII)

  • Subgroup on Fabrication and Inspection (SC VIII)
  • Subgroup on General Requirements (SC VIII)
  • Subgroup on Design (SC VIII)
  • BPV VIII Germany International Working Group (GIWG)

Subgroup on General Requirements (SC VIII)

Taskgroup on U-29(g) (VIII)

BPV Committee on Welding, Brazing and Fusing (IX)

Subgroup on Welding Qualifications (SC IX)

BPV Committee on Transport Tanks (XII)

Subgroup on Design and Materials (SC XII)

BPV III Executive Committee

BPV III Construction of Nuclear Facility Components India International Working Group (IWG)

Board on Pressure Technology Codes and Standards 

BPTCS/BNCS Special Committee on Use of Additive Manufacturing for Pressure Retaining Equipment 

Y14 Engineering Product Definition and Related Documentation Practices 

Y14 Subcommittee 46 - Product Definition for Additive Manufacturing

Technical Oversight Management Committee (TOMC)

Maine Conference Group




ASME Code Change Summaries

Our Authorised Inspectors have summarized the key changes in the 2017 ASME code - and you can download them for free here.

ASME Code Change Summaries
ASME Code Changes boiler image