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Sener and LRQA

Building success with BIM methodologies

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Client challenge

Sener, a leading engineering and technology group with a rich history dating back to 1956, faced a critical challenge in implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodologies across their diverse projects. As a company committed to innovation and quality across sectors such as mobility, data centres, energy, marine, aerospace, and defence, Sener recognised the need for trustworthy expertise and methodologies to ensure seamless integration of BIM and uphold their commitment to excellence. The complexity of their engineering projects demanded reliable solutions and independent assurance to meet both internal governance standards and external expectations for quality.

How we helped

To address Sener's challenge, LRQA provided invaluable support and expertise throughout the certification process under EN ISO 19650. Our dedicated technical and commercial support helped Sener navigate the requirements of BIM implementation, offering insights and technical know-how to optimise their processes. Beyond certification, LRQA's partnership added tangible value to Sener's business by providing constructive feedback and recommendations for enhancing operational efficiency and project delivery capabilities. Our collaboration extended to bolstering Sener's risk management capabilities, aligning internal processes with ISO 19650 standards to ensure project success from inception to completion.

Having a trusted voice such as LRQA is a very valuable asset for Sener, to ensure compliance to the highest levels of quality and excellence.

BIM Manager and Coordinator, Sener BIM Office Jose Alejandro Civera Abad

Powerful results

The partnership between Sener and LRQA yielded significant results, marking a milestone achievement for Sener as the first Spanish company certified under EN ISO 19650. This certification not only instilled confidence in stakeholders but also propelled Sener's business growth and market presence. With LRQA's support, Sener witnessed notable improvements in BIM implementation across projects, driving operational excellence and cementing their position as a global leader in engineering and technology. By strengthening their commitment to technology and innovation, Sener emerged as a trailblazer in the application of BIM methodology worldwide, demonstrating their dedication to excellence, innovation, and quality in the realm of engineering.


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