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Leverage the value of verified data

Independent verification helps put you in control – uncovering insights and driving greater transparency across every aspect of your sustainability agenda.



As global leaders look for agreements and commitments to the achievement of environmental and sustainability goals, companies, large and small, are determined to play their part. At the same time, stakeholders such as investors, staff, customers, and suppliers seek reliable and accurate ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) information that helps them to make well-informed decisions.

LRQA can independently verify your data, information and reports to drive credibility and confidence with the people that matter most to you. Delivered against the world’s leading standards and schemes, such as ISO 14064 and AA1000, or through a bespoke programme built around your specific requirements, our verification services will help push your performance forward.

The Assurance Statements we provide are accepted by global schemes such as CDP, and we’re recognised supporters of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

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Benefits of LRQA verification

Trust and transparency

An LRQA Assurance Statement gives stakeholders and investors’ confidence that data is accurate, representative and benchmarkable. This helps them make informed decisions based on a company’s strategy, performance, risks and growth opportunities. We can also support your existing supply chain verification programmes – or work with you to build new ones that meet your specific needs.

Competitive advantage

Customers are choosing products from companies that they trust to act responsibly and sustainably. By disclosing LRQA verified information, companies can raise sustainability scores, enhance brand value and improve attractiveness to potential investors.

Efficiency gain

LRQA verification can reveal inefficiencies, waste, data gaps, errors or misstatements in a process that identifies cost savings and opportunities for continuous improvement in companies and their supply chains.

Regulatory compliance

LRQA’s expert and highly experienced verification teams are able to ensure that data and information is provided to demonstrate compliance with both existing and forthcoming regulations.

Need help with verification?

Globally, the number of companies reporting sustainability and ESG data is growing rapidly, so there is an enormous demand for verification to deliver robust, trustworthy, comparable data. Increasingly, organisations are seeking to cascade assurance benefits through their supply chains. So, whether you have a comprehensive unverified report, or whether you are just starting out on the journey, get in touch - to ensure that you are able to leverage the value of verified data.

Why work with us?

We’re here to help negotiate a rapidly changing world, by working with you to manage and mitigate the risks you face. From compliance to data-driven supply chain transformation, it’s our job to help you shape the future, rather than letting it shape you.

Technical expertise

Our people are sector experts. They bring with them a clear understanding of your sustainability challenges and requirements – then deploy deep knowledge of verification, certification and assurance to help you meet them.

Global capability

Operating in more than 120 countries, recognised by over 30 accreditation bodies worldwide and covering almost every sector, we can help you manage risk, drive improvement and build credibility with stakeholders around the globe.
We are a CDP verification partner and one of the longest-standing greenhouse gas (GHG) verification providers – delivering services against a range of standards, schemes and guidelines, including ISO 14064, EU/UK ETS, GRI and AA1000.

Strategic vision

Our technical know-how, sector expertise and innovative, forward-thinking approach will help you meet the challenges of today – and become a safer, more secure and more sustainable organisation tomorrow.

Effective partnership

We collaborate with our clients and industry partners to provide the credibility and transparency they need to drive their sustainability agendas and build their competitive advantage.

Fresh perspective

We have led the way in shaping our industry and continue to take every opportunity to collaborate with clients and pioneer new ideas, services and innovation.

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