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Organizational Culture Assessment and Improvement

Focusing resources where they matter.

Working with your organisation to achieve industry-leading safety performance, including managing the cultural changes needed.


Leading the way in safety performance goes beyond the integrity of assets, systems and procedures. Creating a robust safety (HSE) culture is central. But change within an organisation is complex. We’ll help you get started with the right assessment tools, identifying what needs strengthening. We’ll work with you to establish and support your improvement plans, so you can run your culture change programme with confidence.

We’ll make sure your resources are focused where they’re most needed.

What we offer

To deliver safety culture change across your organisation, we’ll focus on five core areas.

  1. Measuring your workforce’s attitudes to safety with our safety climate assessment tool. You gain a detailed picture of what staff think about your existing safety management arrangements. We may also recommend a review (gap analysis) of your safety management systems, everyday safety performance and incident learnings. 
  2. Engaging with personnel at key locations, building an understanding of why people feel as they do about your safety management arrangements.
  3. Observing personnel in their daily work, establishing how they behave in their working environment.
  4. Progressing the planning process, turning the results of our assessments into an action plan for change.
  5. Supporting you through the change process in all the core areas: facilitation, training, competence management systems, communication and leadership, as well as management systems development and technical assessment.

Assessments and services

We help our clients in the following ways.

  • Safety climate assessment

    Our assessment is developed for workers in high-hazard industries, from all cultures and countries. It gives you a snapshot of the perceptions personnel hold about safety at work. You can quickly see if teams within your organisation have the positive safety attitudes that management is trying to achieve.

    Our tool is based on a questionnaire. This provides a fast, cost-effective way to identify areas of safety strength and weakness, organisation-wide. You’ll find our reports easy to understand. You’ll be able to evaluate your organisation’s effectiveness in four key safety behaviours: learning, reporting, compliance and intervention. You’ll also get a clear sense of how sustainable (progressive) the safety climate results are likely to be. 

  • Organisational integrity assessment

    Organisations are typically good at assuring the technical integrity of their assets, but find it far more challenging to achieve the same level of success with their people when it comes to safety. We take a methodical approach to understanding and assessing your organisation’s safety culture and relevant human behaviours. We achieve this in three ways: 

    • reviewing your existing processes and safety systems to identify the direct causes of human failure and the contributing factors
    • conducting a survey-based assessment of organisational culture to investigate performance
    • carrying out in-depth interviews with personnel to gain greater insight into organisational safety attitudes, values and behaviours. 

    ​Our behavioural specialists assess the findings, identifying strengths and areas for development. To make progress as quickly as possible, we’ll help you prioritise the recommended interventions that reduce risks and enhance staff performance. 

What are the benefits?

  • Clear safety improvement priorities, so you allocate your resources efficiently.
  • Help at all stages of your safety culture change programme, enabling you to proceed with confidence.
  • A robust safety culture supporting:
    • safer operations, reducing your organisation’s exposure to risks from accidents and associated potential litigation, regulatory enforcement, loss of productivity and damage to public reputation 
    • improved reporting of incidents and near-misses
    • an engaged workforce and high rate of staff retention.

Why choose LRQA?

Our comprehensive risk consultancy solutions combine expertise from engineering, safety management, change management, human behaviour and human factors. You benefit from learnings both within and outside of your industry. Our leading expertise is supported by a proven assessment toolkit, with a dataset built up over ten years of delivering projects. This includes our safety climate assessment tool for a full and accurate picture of your safety culture.

Our hands-on specialists are there to guide you through your organisation’s transformation process. We have an outstanding track record of successful project delivery, supporting clients across sectors, globally.

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What we think

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